Mitt Romney: No Surprise Here

I don’t understand the uproar about the leaked video of Romney not caring about half of the voting public. This is nothing new. Those of us who have researched his record, read statements by him and his staff, have known this for a very long time.

He has never worked for a living, he has never been hungry or had to worry about a place to live. He had access to education most of us envy, but could not afford. If he had to he could “borrow money from his parents”.

It’s not possible for someone who never had the struggles of an average man to have a complete understanding of our problems. It’s the main reason I can’t vote for him. He won’t prioritize issues that I deem important. In 2000 we elected someone much like him. He never held federal office. He was a former governor. He had wealthy parents. He placed his religious beliefs on an equal footing with his duties of running a country. He believed in trickle down economics.

Romney wants to return to the failed policies of Bush. But he would even be worse. He wants to weaken social security and Medicare. He wants to eliminate Planned Parenthood which has aided many poor women. He and Ryan have falsely labeled Planned Parenthood as a road to abortion.

So is anyone really surprised that he spoke the truth when he believed no one outside the fund raiser would hear of it? You know what? I bet he’ll find a way to flip flop on this as well. He’s very good at it.

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