Most of George Bush’s Cabinet Conspicuously Absent From RNC


By James Turnage

I didn’t watch the Republican convention, mainly because I don’t listen to lies or bull****. But I want to ask the people who want to take away Mr. Obama’s job one question. Why didn’t you have the last Republican president G.W. Bush, his vice-president Dick Cheney, or Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, the last presidential candidate John McCain, or the last vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin speak at your convention? This is unheard of. Is it because the new team who seeks our nation’s highest office is nothing more than a resurgence of the disgraced administration that left office in January of 2009, and doesn’t want to let the American public become aware of this fact?

Paul Ryan’s speech was even denounced by a member of the FOX news team. Are you kidding me? The Republican network actually had a reporter say that he heard more lies in Ryan’s speech than ever before in his memory? Of course, he stated later that it was a “good speech”.

As you know, if you read a previous article I penned, the right wing party should be renamed the “TEA Party”. The GOP is dead.

Extreme flip-flopper Romney will change his opinion on anything if it will get him elected. He needs to guarantee himself and his rich cronies, and his church that any man, especially a black man, will not challenge their privileged lifestyle.

I also wrote once before that the comparison between Bush II and Romney is that they were wealthy offspring who have no way of understanding the daily struggle of the average working man. And then Romney adds Paul Ryan, another spawn of privilege to run with him and wants to destroy social programs for the average and the impoverished in favor of tax advantages for the very wealthy.

The Republican convention showed me only one thing. The real Republicans are all in their graves.

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