Obama Administration Lies while Republicans Wonder Why Romney is Losing

By Randy Rose:
The Obama Administration wants you to believe the terrorist attacks against our Embassies are a direct result of a movie. That is a lie because those terrorists had been planning for months to attack on 9/11 which is the day it occurred. Further, the Obama Administration had been warned on 9/4/12 that these attacks will be occurring on 9/11/12 but they did nothing to increase security at those Embassies and we now have a dead Ambassador thanks to the Obama Administration. The lie about the movie begs the statement, if that is the reason then we should make a lot more of those types of movies. The first time you heard about a suicide bomber, you were outraged, but now you hear about a suicide bomber and you are no longer outraged. The reason is that if you hear the same outrageous thing over and over again, it loses it’s importance. That is why we should make lots of movies that offend Muslims, that way it too will lose it’s importance. The whole thing went south because there were no Marines protecting the Embassies. We need Marines protecting all of our Embassies. Some of Obama’s ambassadors who are anti-gun told their security officers that they cannot have real bullets. No wonder they were easily killed.
Republicans are scratching their heads because they cannot understand why Obama is still strong in the polls when the Country is going to hell in a hand basket. They honestly cannot realize that it is Romney that is the problem. During the long primary season I told everyone who would listen that Romney cannot beat Obama because they are both Progressives. John McCain could not beat Obama because he too is a Progressive. The Republican party has gone so far left that when it sees a true Conservative they see a radical. Yes even in the Republican party if you choose the Constitution and Christianity, then you a radical that Obama calls a terrorist. Ron Paul is a true Conservative and he was rejected. This is why the Republicans cannot win. When you nominate a Progressive to oust a Progressive it never works, only a Conservative can beat a Progressive. The Republican party is in the midst of a fight between Conservatives and Progressives especially here in Nevada. The Progressives in the party are losing there grip and there is a Conservative wave coming but will not be apparent until next year. Yes those radical conservatives who love the Constitution, love freedom and love liberty will come into power next year and perhaps the rest of the States will follow. The next time we may even nominate a true consevative and we will win.

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