Romney is Doing Great until he Shows his Roots

By Randy Rose:
Watching the RNC Convention, I was warming up to Romney despite his treatment of Ron Paul. I was pleased when he went to New Orleans to survey the damage while Obama and the media ignored the whole thing. I recall the Democrat Governor during Katrina did the same thing as Obama:  she ignored the problems, thus forcing the Federal Government to act, thereby giving the Democrats the opportunity to blame it on Bush.
Today there is a Republican Governor and because he is doing a good job of managing the crisis, there is no need for federal intervention. Had Jindle gone to the RNC Convention, the media would be all over the story but this time they would blame it on Jindle which would have been the right call.
 So there are good things about Romney; his promises sound good, but then he lets us see his Progressive roots when he says he favors a VAT tax. NO NO NO please don’t say it’s so. That one thing would do the opposite of what the Fair Tax Act would do. Right now we have an extortion tax that gets passed along to the consumer. This would add taxes at the manufacturing stage, then the distributor, the wholesaler and the retailer so it all gets passed down to you. That means higher prices, unemployment will go to 15%, the economy will go negative, people will have less money and we will crash into a depression that will be worse than the one that the Democrats were responsible for in the late 1920s though the 1930s, with FDR, the Progressive in Chief, along with the Progressives elected to Congress.
The Fair Tax Act is the true answer as it will eliminate the 16th Amendment and end the extortion of millions of Americans every April 15th. Unemployment will fall to below 4%, the Economy will go up 7%, prices will fall 12%, every American gets $100 a month free money, Social Security and Disability get fully funded and you will have a choice of many jobs and more money in your pocket. Only two men have the smarts to co-sponsor HR 25 if elected and they are Chris Edwards in Congressional District One and Danny Tarkanian in Congressional District Four. It is important that you vote for these men, they can provide a better life for all of us by co-sponsoring HR 25.

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