Romney made statement: teacher’s unions should not be allowed to donate to political campaigns?

This is Hillarious

By James Turnage

Did I read correctly that Romney made the statement that “teacher’s unions should not be allowed to donate to political campaigns?”

But it’s alright for the Koch brothers to give 400 million to his campaign.

He said that it’s unfair to the students to allow the union’s participation in elections. Somehow it will affect future negotiations between state governments and the unions. But allowing multi-billionaires to contribute a fortune to your campaign won’t affect legislation if you’re elected?

I forget. Is it once or twice a week that he says something ignorant and biased? It’s probably twice. He’s very good at it.

In essence, what he is suggesting is that “Citizens United” is wrong. No private organization or individual should be allowed to give unlimited amounts of money to any one political candidate. Good for you, Romney, you finally made some sense.

But in another contradiction, if elected, he promises to appoint more judges to the Supreme Court of like mind as the judges who voted in favor of “Citizens United”. He has campaigned twice for president. He still hasn’t learned that he can’t have it both ways. He can’t say one thing now, and say the exact opposite a day, a week, a month, or a year from now. Some of us don’t forget. Oh, by the way, I’m very pleased Mr. Obama was able to get “Romneycare” passed for all the citizens of the United States. You did something right, once.

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