Romney, Ryan quick to criticize President Obama on every issue

It’s Easy for Everyone to Criticize

By James Turnage:

Romney, Ryan, and the entire political right are quick to criticize President Obama on every issue, every day. Today it’s because he hasn’t made plans to talk to the world leaders at the UN meetings. If he did, they’d probably criticize him for that as well.

Unless you have sat behind the desk in the oval office, you have no way of understanding the complicated issues facing the Leader of the Free World. Being a governor of a state is in no way comparable to being the President.

It is fair to question our elected and non-elected officials. However, if one criticizes without knowing the facts, he or she is simply making a fool of themselves. They are displaying their personal ignorance. As Mr. Obama cleverly said, “he is shooting first, and aiming later”.

I am often too quick to question decisions made by those who I voted for. I show no prejudice in my complaint, the left and right side of the aisle receive the same number of headshakes. When I later read the reasoning behind their actions, I have to tell myself, “oops”. Then I try to be better the next time. But I am not spouting garbage to thousands of people. I am not speaking to the media when I don’t have all the facts.

This campaign has rightfully been labeled the dirtiest and most negative in history. It won’t stop until November 7th. One side knows, as did George W. Bush, that these tactics are the only way he has a chance to win. The other side is fighting back. I don’t like it, but he has no choice. I just want it all to end. I believe that, like myself, the large majority of those who will actually vote have made their decision. Most of the money being spent now is wasted.

I can’t believe there are any “undecided” voters left. The choices are clear. If you are upper middle class, middle class, or poor, you have one choice. If you are wealthy, or super-rich, you have another. I bet everyone can decide which is which.