The 2012 Democratic National Convention Day One: The Invisible Platform

Left wing democracy in action? The Democratic party put its platform on display yesterday. The DNC complains about the Romney camp not being transparent, but the Democratic agenda appears invisible on its face. Invisible indeed.

The first day of the Democratic National Convention the speakers painted a rosy picture of how great the economy is doing along with millions of new jobs. They praised the gay lifestyle saying “We believe you have the right to love anyone you want to.” The word Abortion was never mentioned and I do not recall the old adage ‘A woman’s right to choose’ being mentioned. No, it was always about the woman having the right to health care and what she does with her own body. I call it Abortion because that is what it is. Abortion was legalized to kill, only the majority of the speeches sounded like they were orated by Republicans when they spoke about the nation.

Gov. Deval Patrick (D) Mass spoke about how great his State is but what a mess Romney left behind. That statement needed to be fact checked but the DNC gave the fact checkers the week off. Everybody kept saying “The American Dream,” Forward not Backward to the Bush years, they said this over and over again. Nobody spoke of how good the years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 were when the Republicans had control of the House, Senate and Presidency. When the Democrats took over the House and Senate is when the economy tanked.

I lost count how many times the speakers said “We are moving Forward.” Read my article where Dr. Jon Drew is interviewed to learn more about the word ‘Forward’. They also said that Obama gives you the American Dream and Romney will give you less education, starving children and higher tuition for college. They say that you cannot be in business without education. Mrs. Obama said a telling word and the crowd went crazy with applause, “The difference you make in people’s lives” she was referring to the work she does controlling school lunches and fighting obesity in children. That sounds like less liberty to me. Mrs. Obama spoke of how both she and her husband were brought up poor and have lived the American Dream.

Democracy in action?

Only in America.

Article by Randy Rose

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