Advances in Embryonic Stem Cell Creation, Cancer Treatments have Doctors Energized

Recent advances in the treatment of some of the most virulent strains of Cancer, coupled with recent discoveries in Stem Cell research, have made the Worldwide Medical community stand up and take notice.

New Cancer treatment options have been announced in the last week, as Los Angeles Billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong and his company, NantHealth announced the creation of a supercomputer based, high speed data network for sharing patient information, specifically DNA data, as well as other genetic data.

Assembling individual DNA data, to create personal treatment options for Cancer patients has been utilized for some time now, however the DNA analysis can take up to 10 weeks to obtain, and over the course of those ten weeks, a Cancer patients disease bio-markers may change, making the analysis obsolete.

Enter NantHealth. NantHealth has created the technology needed to spead up the DNA based genetic analysis of individual cancers and tumors, to less than 1 minute. Remarkable.

Allowing Doctors to assess an individual patients genetic needs with regards to treatment options has the potential for cure rate percentages to skyrocket, and with it, the potential for increased life span on our planet.

Under normal circumstances, 30% of all DNA based genetic testing results are wrong, coupled with the 10 week results window, this allows the advancement of the disease to accelerate, sometimes to the point of no return. But with the new 1 minute test results from Nanthealth, medical professionals can now adjust on the fly, and patients with a wrong diagnosis don’t have to wait 10 weeks for test results, just 1 more minute.

This explanation is over simplified, but correct.

Add to that the news of October 4th, out of Kyoto, Japan, where researchers at the Kyoto University Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS) have created eggs and sperm for embryonic stem cells from mice. After the creation of these eggs, they were fertilized in-vitro and implanted back into the mice, and the results were staggering.

The mouse pups generated from the embryonic stem cell created eggs and sperm “look normal and made healthy pups” said Dr. Mitinori Saitou, leader of the team of Scientists from the Kyoto based research Institute that developed the new technology.

The newly created mouse pups were able to procreate as well, indicating that the genetically engineered mice were healthy and viable. However, Dr. Saitou added, “it is entirely possible that they have subtle abnormalities” which may be noted at another point in time.

This embryonic stem cell research is not all that new, as scientists have been examining ways to use these embryonic stem cells, termed “Induced pluripotent stem cells” and are currently generating these stem cells from patients with a multitude of diseases, in the hopes of creating new and promising stem cell treatment options.

Scientists have recently discovered these types of stem cells in the human lung, as well as other organs, the discovery of the cells in the human lungs bring about the possibility of a cure for lung cancer, one of the most deadliest of cancers, and hopes are high for this stem cell technology can be introduced to any diseased part of the human body.

Additionally, these technologies are currently being advanced in the treatment of Breast Cancer, the largest killer of women behind Heart Disease.

Article by Jim Donahue

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