America has ventured further away from many basic core values, principles and basic freedoms?

Written By: Pete Aleman

We are a free people

I would still hail America as the greatest country in the world for many reasons that I don’t have listed, however I truly believe that America also has in recent decades ventured further away from many of the basic core values, principles and basic freedoms that it once held on so dearly in its palm. as far as our freedoms are concerned there is an endless and continuous….of policy after policy, regulation after regulation and law after law being put into the books that it seems as though the federal, state, and local municipalities take no notice to which some are not constitutional and lots of them violating our rights and freedoms, nobody seems to notice or care until they come knocking on their doorstep. If we speak in simple English it seems as if though we have done something wrong and politicians don’t seem to understand this language but their own “politically correct speech”. It is my hope that Americans will start to “awaken” to the reality of this “phenomenon” of constant policies, regulations and laws being put into force all around the country till the point that we are submerged in them; till then God speed to all Americans.

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