America; we must stop allowing our elected representatives to invade countries and wage war

Another Sad Day for Another Family

By James Turnage

Today, September 30th, 2012, we received confirmation that the 2000th member of our finest and courageous military lost his life in Afghanistan. For 11 years we have put our sons and daughters in a perilous situation, and most Americans are still unsure why so many lives were sacrificed.

I was a lucky man. I enlisted in the USAF in 1964 and was medically discharged in 1965. I missed combat in a previous war that wasted thousands of lives in Vietnam. Afghanistan is all too familiar, all too similar to that serious mistake in our country’s quest to control the world’s economic and ideological power.

We, the people of the United States of America must assert our power as the true governing body of our country. We must stop allowing our elected representatives to invade countries and wage war against foreign powers without using basic common sense. The result of our government’s aggression in two wars has produced no positive results. The only consequence of our elected official’s decision has been alienation of many of our former allies, and hundreds of thousands of deaths of innocent citizens of our country and those of our combatants. (I won’t mention the trillions of dollars of our tax dollars that would have been spent as if they were kindling for a fire).

War is ‘good business’, but war is also destructive and terminal to many of the world’s innocent human beings, not that governments care. The citizens of the United States are no different from those of any other country. We all want the same things for ourselves and our families.

When we were attacked on 9/11/2001 we experienced the horror of what many other countries have suffered in history. When we continue to destroy the lives of the people of other countries who have no more expectations than those of our own people, we become a part of the evil that is military aggression. And in doing so, we lose the lives of thousands of our best, our most courageous, our most loyal.

It’s time we see war as what it truly is. It’s nothing more than a ‘pissing contest’ between rulers of countries. They and their families never pay the price for their egos and ambitions. We, the ordinary, hard-working family men and women of the world’s countries pay the ultimate price.

Families in Iraq, Iran, Israel, Afghanistan, Darfur, Somalia, or Omaha, Nebraska all want the same thing. We want to have enough food, clothing, and adequate housing to care for our families. We want to live long enough to see our children grow into adulthood and live happy lives. And we all suffer the same obstacle to these simple aspirations. We all have governments who have their own agendas, and their aspirations have no consideration for our welfare.

In the last fifty years the leaders of the world have become dictators. In countries that profess to be democratic, illusion is their tool. They do not represent the needs or wishes of their constituents. They are elected using tactics such as fear to persuade the voter to cast their ballots or face certain destruction. And when they are elected, they support their personal agenda.

The reality is that what we have to fear is our own government. They are the sole authority that is responsible for putting our sons and daughters in harm’s way. And the farce of it all is that after the fact they espouse patriotic slogans and phrases that encourage us to support their agenda. And the majority of the country’s citizens cheer. In the end, too many of us cry.

BRING OUR PEOPLE HOME. The attack on 9/11 was similar to 12/7/1941. It’s time to cease placing our loved ones in jeopardy. We have accomplished what Afghanistan was all about. The leader of the terrorist organization who brutally planned the murder of our innocents is dead. Waste no more lives and cease spending billions of dollars funding a war with no purpose that benefits our country. I’m old. I’m experienced. I’m not stupid. Eliminate politics and substitute common sense. Bring them home tomorrow.

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