Apple has all but confirmed “iPad Mini” available to consumers before October ends

Apple appears to have leaked breaking news that has all but officially confirmed “iPad Mini” will be available to consumers in all of its rumored glory by months end. What a wakeup call for those of you that have been diligent enough to stay hang in there despite some of the more outlandish rumors being bandied about. “All Things D” deserved the honor for breaking the story, just as the website reported in August; Apple will put on an invitation-only exclusive media event on Tuesday, October 23, 2012, to unveil a new device believed to be the “iPad Mini.” Hence, before October ends, the devices could be in the hands of millions of consumers.

Everyone was outraged when Apple failed to invite anyone to a never-confirmed event for the not-necessarily-actually-real tablet on October 10 this week.

Delays! The internet cried. Component shortages! Casing issues! When will Tim Cook apologize for withholding this slightly smaller iPad that may or may not exist?

If the launch event takes place on October 23, then we could realistically expect to see feverish coverage of an event invite explode around October 16 (next Tuesday).

The freshly-proposed launch date has been fiendishly well chosen since Windows 8 is set to get its official release on October 26.

Apple usually sets its onsale dates for a Friday following its launch events. If launched on October 23, could the “iPad Mini” go on sale on October 26? That would be a real zing on Ballmer and co.

Unfortunately, further details of this supposed October 23 event are few and far between.

It’s likely to be smaller than the recent Foo-Fighters-career-ending iPhone 5 launch, possibly held at Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium.

As for the “iPad Mini” itself, speculation has it that we’ll see a 7.85-inch screen, Retina display, 8GB of internal storage and 7.2mm waist-size; likely a very thin chassis. We’ve already seen countless pictures of mockups, so you have a good idea of what it’s likely to look like.

Apple is rumored to be getting ready to sell as many as 10 million “iPad Mini” units in the Christmas quarter, and considering the popularity of the bigger version, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see the iPad mini sell like hot cakes.

Other than that, there’s not much more we can do but wait and see what the Cupertino Crew have in store.