Ashton Kutcher has moved on to Kunis while Moore remains “jealous and frustrated”

The fact that Ashton Kutcher has quickly moved into a serious relationship almost immediately following his split with Demi Moore has the actress feeling “jealous and frustrated.”

After all, Moore is still nursing a broken heart as she has yet to move on emotionally, according to new reports.

The couple went their separate was last November, 2011. Since that time, Kutcher has clearly moved on as pictures of him locking lips with Mila Kunis indicate. The very public photos appears to have made Moore reportedly distraught.

Sources close to the actress point out that though the couple has split, the two are technically married and thus Moore has every right to find photos of public affection between Kutcher and Kunis disturbing.

Several reports reveal that she has been worrying friends amid claims she’s ‘struggling to cope’ with split from Kutcher.

In the new issue of “People,” Moore’s inner circle says she is “jealous and frustrated,” and “she’s not in a good frame of mind.”

“Breakups are hard in general, and it’s hard to see that somebody that you loved and you shared a life with has moved on so easy, when you haven’t,”

New York relationship expert Siggy Flicker said. “It’s a little bit of a crush to the ego, but she [Moore] can survive this.”

Kunis, who starred with Kutcher on “That 70s Show” for eight seasons, is not only 20 years younger than Moore, but she was recently named the sexiest woman alive by Esquire magazine.

Kutcher, 34, and Moore separated in November after six years of marriage. Less than a year later, Kutcher and Kunis, 29, have been photographed many times holding hands and kissing.

Kutcher’s split with Moore came on the heels of his alleged infidelity. Still, some are surprised how quickly the “Two and a Half Men” star has moved on.
“The moment that he and Demi announced their split, he was sort of having this wild party-boy stage,” People magazine reporter Carlos Greer said. “But he kind of toned that down quickly and he and Mila seem to be very serious.”

Moore, who turns 50 next month, has been candid about her past struggles, including, among other things, her body image. Moore’s friends say things hit rock bottom in January when a 911 call was made after she was found barely conscious.

In spite of the rumors, Demi Moore single-handedly dismissed the reports as she attended a charity gala.

The actress glowed as she posed up for photographs inside the Girls Educational and Mentoring Services Benefit Gala in New York City.

Demi also cut a much healthier figure than she has at previous red carpet events.

Notwithstanding having previously sparked concern with her scarily skinny figure, Demi appeared to have gained some weight, and showed off her new figure in a fitted patterned dress.

Earlier in the evening, Demi had chosen not to walk the red carpet into the event, instead opting to head inside via a side entrance.
However, once inside the event, Demi was happy to pose up for photographs, both alone and the charity director Rachel Lloyd.

Demi was there to help bring in cash for GEMS – which was founded in 1998 while currently being the largest service provider to commercially sexually exploited and domestically trafficked girls in the United States.

The event included the reading of excerpts from the memoir of Lloyd, read by stars including Jada Pinkett Smith, Natasha Lyonne, and India Arie.
Nevertheless, her friends aren’t convinced she’s all better.

In August Demi attended an 80s-themed birthday party for friend and actress Soleil Moon Frye in which one partygoer described her as “a little more subdued that she’s been in the past.”

The magazine also reveals that as well as Moore, his friends were surprised by Kutcher’s romance with Kunis. A friend said: “I would have never believed Ashton could get serious this fast.”

“He was so happy to get out from under the stagnant relationship with Demi that he was overeager to play around and have fun. But it didn’t take long to bring him home again.”

The actress had reportedly smoked synthetic marijuana and had to be hospitalized. Moore later entered rehab for substance abuse issues. Close friends of the “G.I. Jane” star tell People “she was struggling, and she was sad.”

“Demi has dealt with the split differently from Ashton,” Greer said. “He’s been very public. She’s kept a low key profile. She’s been relying on her extremely close friends and her Kabbalah faith.”

Kutcher was Moore’s third husband. She married musician Freddy Moore in 1980. Moore later married actor Bruce Willis in 1987 and had three daughters.
Though Moore is reportedly bitter, she has had her own new man to keep her company through this ordeal.

What’s even more telling is that Demi told Harper’s Bazaar after her split about her biggest fear: “It’s that I’m going to find out at the end of my life that I’m really not lovable, that I’m not worthy of being loved.” Since then, Demi’s daughters Rumor, Scout and Tallulah, have done as much as they can to help her but it has taken a toll on their relationships. “They respect Demi, they love her, they’re still trying to pick up the pieces as much as they can. But they can only do so much for her,” says a family friend.

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