Broncos vs. Chargers

Written By: Elizabeth Brosam
E-mail: [email protected]


Starting this NFL game many had their doubts about the Broncos being able to make it a win, and the first half gave them good reason. At half time the Chargers were up 24-0. It looked like P. Manning hadn’t lost the rust from being out all last season due to a neck injury. I don’t know what all was said in the locker room at half time, but whatever it was sure worked. The Broncos dominated the second half by scoring 35 un-answered points. To not only take the lead but also take the win. This brings the Denver Broncos to a 3-3 record so far this year. The Broncos next game will be on October 28th against the Saints. Let’s see if they can pull off another big win and avoid an 8-8 record like 2011!

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