CDC reported 1,008 cases of children being poisoned by eating detergent pods

By Dawn Cranfield

Who is Watching the Children?

When I was growing up, I was taught to follow the rules of the household, but that was fairly simple, because we had rules.  I was not to drink bleach or other household cleaners, I could not play with guns, I was not allowed to take my parent’s car keys and drive through the neighborhood at random when I was twelve, and I could not kill the neighbor’s pets, just to name a few.

My parents did not have to lock up the household cleaners, my dad did not have a gun safe, my parents did not go to bed and take their car keys into their locked bedroom at night, and there was not a chart on the wall in the kitchen listing everything else I was forbidden to do with stars or other rewards I would be gifted when I did as I was told.  I was simply a child, like everyone else of my time, that was expected to follow the rules of my house and of society and I followed the rules because that is what we did.

No, I did not grow up in the 1950’s or the 1960’s when times were so much simpler or different.  I am a child of the 1970’s and 1980’s.  When we did something wrong, we took responsibility.  Our parents did not look for somebody else to blame or to sue.

Fast forward to today where parents appear to be completely absent and aloof when it comes to rearing their children.  How else could the CDC report that in a 30 day period 1,008 cases of children being poisoned by detergent pods?  Where were the parents?  In one case, the mother was quoted as saying, “I just figured they got into candy, and they were eating candy,” Jessica Sutton, Isabella’s mom, told ABC News earlier this year. (

The CDC is stating that 94% of the cases are in children under age 6, that means that 4% are in children OVER age 6.  Seriously?  You should not have to watch 7-year-old children every minute of the day, but they should certainly know what laundry detergent looks like; and, if nothing else, one would think that by the time they even lick the pod that they would determine it is not candy and would not eat the entire packet.

As a result, just like everything else in this country, the manufacturer is reacting and is being required to change the packing to make it more child resistant; thus, making it more difficult for elderly people to open.  Instead, I propose that we require parents to be more parental and to teach their children something about life.  What are these people going to do when they become adults?  Are they going to go to the gas station and fill up their Gatorade bottles then turn to the government and say, “Well nobody told me I couldn’t drink it?”

When are we going to stop coddling ignorant parents and start holding them responsible for taking care of their children?

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