3 People killed four other injured as police find mass shooting suspect Dead Inside Azana Salon [Video & Images]

Brookfield, WI– In an afternoon press conference police stated that at 11:09 Radcliffe Haughton, 45, from Brown Deer, WI, allegedly shot and killed 3 people and injured four others as law enforcement find mass shooting suspect dead inside Azana Salon and Day Spa. The image on the left is allegedly Haughton holding a shotgun. Below this article is a video of the mass shooting.

Conflicting reports suggest that there may be a total of 8 victims but that report has not been confirmed.

Police also found an improvised explosive device at the Azana Day Spa. The picture here has been identified as the suspect holding a gun.

The shooter was the husband of one to the employees. She had been talking about filing for a divorce as a result of domestic violence. Several of the employees have been talking to police about the situation. It is believed that suspects wife obtained a restraining order against her husband.

One of the victims was an Azana spa costumer and a mother of three. She is still in surgery and reports suggests that the victim  will be in surgery for several hours. Her family has confirm that she suffer 5 shotgun wounds.

Authorities had surrounded Haughton’s home in Brown Deer, WI, and were asking the public for any knowledge about the suspect, but that was before they found Haughton dead.

The shooting erupted about 11: 15 a.m CT, in Brookfield, and shortly after SWAT teams surrounded the Azana Spa & Salon with their guns drawn, preparing for a tactical situation, according to ABC News.

Hostage negotiators were on the scene, however there was no confirmation of a hostage situation. The Milwaukee bomb squad is also assisting authorities in search of more improvised explosive devices.

The spa is 9,000 square feet and covers two stories.

At least four people were treated with non-critical injuries.

The hospital was placed on lock down and only patients with a police escort are being accepted.

The Westmoor Country Club, which shares a parking lot with the spa, has been on lockdown since the incident, said the club’s chief operating officer Joe Coen.

“We didn’t hear anything but ventured to the north toward the spa and we could clearly see police officers with what looked like to be a rifle and a few attendants were coming out of the building,” he said. “We quickly retreated back to the building where authorities have told us to stay.”

Coen said he has been “peeking” out of the building and has noticed the same SWAT squads are still in place with their weapon drawn, as they were when he first found out about the situation around noon.

Gov. Scott Walker pledged his support for the victims and the community.

“Senseless acts of violence leave us with heavy hearts and many questions,” Walker said in a statement. “Our state will stand with the victims and their families, and we will provide them with the law enforcement and community support they need to heal in the coming days.”

This is not the first time a violent shooting has rocked the area.

On Aug. 5, Wade Michael Page, an Army veteran and white supremacist, killed six people and injured three others before fatally shooting himself at a Sikh temple south of Milwaukee.

In 2005, less than a mile away, a gunman killed seven people and wounded four more at a church service at the Sheraton Hotel. Terry Michael Ratzmann, the 44-year-old gunman, then committed suicide.

President Obama and the first lady say their thoughts and prayers are with the victims of their families.

Officers are presently focused on helping the victims.

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