Changing the rules in American professional sports; Let’s do this

Written By: Michael Harrison
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Now you’re Talking!

I have been watching sports now for some 40 yrs or so. Its been a passion of mine, and I watch all I can.

Lately though the complaints about hockey and baseball being boring or too slow have hit me as being some what true.

Football is changing the rules every game and it seems like in basketball your favorite Player is on a new team every weekend.

Well I have a few ideas to make all these things a thing of the past.

Lets start out with my least favorite sport because there’s simply not enough scoring to keep me awake.

Let’s do this!

Back to back nets on both ends of the ice with more room behind the nets so you can go past the first net and score back into the second net.

Now you talking!Kings 31 Blackhawks 28. Problem Solved! On to Football!Rules! Rules !and more rules.

The more rules they make the more players get hurt.They didn’t have this many injuries when they had 10 rules and wore leather helmets!Lets just make it 2 rules!No biting or pulling hair.Its not a ballet out there. Let them Play.

Now basketball! The game of Giant Babies! They get selected to play for a certain team, and the uniform clashes with the color of their eyes they want to be traded!

Lets do this!

When they join a team and don’t want to play for that team we send them to their rooms and they can stay there until they realize the only reason they have the opportunity to play and make millions is that they happened to come out of their mothers womb at 5ft 6 inches tall.

Stop the whining and go play children.

Finally! Americas Game!

Baseball! The same rules and field dimensions since the first crack of the bat. Amazing!

Now if they can just complete a game in less than 10 hrs I will be a hot dog eating fan again!

Thanks for listening. Michael Harrison

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