Conservative and Progressive Agendas

By Randy Rose
I ride the bus often in order to get a true pulse of the poor. Many are Democrats by default, in other words Democrats because everybody they know are Democrats. When we speak of politics and talk about history, I am amazed at how little they know. I am not saying they are stupid, only uniformed. When we compare the Conservative and Progressive Agendas, they often choose the Conservative agenda. Many are voting for Chris Edwards because he vows to co-sponsor HR 25 the Fair Tax Act, they would normally vote for Dina Titus but they know the Fair Tax Act would benefit them directly. There was one guy around 25 who said he is a Democrat but he is moving to Texas in two weeks. I asked him where will he vote and he said here in Las Vegas. He is voting for Dina Titus. I thought is was kind of funny that he will vote for a Progressive then move to a Conservative State where he can find a job. Call it Ironic. He votes Progressive then moves to enjoy the fruits of Conservatives. This election we can make head way toward making the Fair Tax Act pass by electing those who will co-sponsor HR 25 regardless of their political leanings The two Candidates are Chris Edwards and Danny Tarkanian. I will continue to ride the bus right up to election day passing out Fair Tax cards and Chris Edwards Door Hangers.

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