Do females make more tips?

Written By: Chris Robertsson


I was having a conversation the other night with a friend of mine who works in the restaurant business. We were having a discussion on tipping. What’s normal? Do females make more tips? Etc. My friend is in the process of being trained to bartend. Hence the topic. I told him, “I tip based on service. Period. I’ve had extremely hot female bartenders with no people skills and tipped them low. I don’t care if it’s a girl or guy. Treat me good, I’ll tip you good. Period.”

A lot of people tip based on the 15% rule. To the penny. Honestly I throw big tips to my regular or local spots, bars, restaurants where I know the help on a casual basis. I often try new spots and gauge the service. Unfortunately one bad server or bartender can kill a business. Or at least put a dent into it. I’m not the type to call the manager and complain. I will simply never return and tell everyone I know not to go there. Oh yeah, and leave a small tip. My Mother is the queen of the tipping rule. If she is treated good at a bar or restaurant, believe me she tips well. If not, she will leave a penny as a sign of bad service. Honestly when it comes down to it, realize servers and bartenders are working there butts off like the rest of us, they are not entitled to fat tips unless they make you feel phat. Then, sure, hook them up.

I love tipping well when deserved because then the service is great when I return. Am I buying their affection? Sure. I’ll pay for that. It’s legal.after ten years in the restaurant business my self I’ve realized it is true, you can’t buy love or great service. You can possibly enhance it though or at least buy it a drink.

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