Final Debate: Only time Romney had anything substantial to say when he agreed with President’s policies

The Debate Was the Best of TV

By James Turnage:

At 5:30 last evening, I told my wife I was going to watch the Monday night game instead of the debate. I further said that with game 7 of the National League Championship on as well, I didn’t think this final debate would receive high ratings. I don’t know about the ratings, but I ended up watching the debate.

The football game started slowly, but it still had some promise. Every so often I would switch to the baseball game to see the score. Baseball is such a slow game that you don’t ever need to watch all of it. San Francisco was quickly running away with the game, so back to football. The game between the Lions and Bears was also quickly deteriorating into a one sided game. The Lions apparently decided to imitate their opponents and begin a winter hibernation.

So I flipped over to the debate. At least there was a little action here. But then it too became a one-sided affair. An article I wrote yesterday predicted it, but it was bloodier than I thought it would be.

The only time Romney had anything substantial to say was when he agreed with the President’s policies. And the President called him out on every mis-statement. And when Romney attempted to move the debate from foreign policy to the economy he simply looked defensive.

I’m just glad they’re over. Two weeks from today all those annoying TV ads will be over. I’m actually glad they’ll be replaced with the normal gibberish about weight loss clubs, i-Phones, and feminine hygiene.

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