Former Divas Champion Beth Phoenix will be leaving WWE

It is unusual in today’s sports environment to see a female superstar who possesses strength, beauty, and in-ring ability. Beth Phoenix has them all. Unfortunately, WWE Champion CM Punk yesterday confirmed that former Divas Champion, Phoenix, will be leaving WWE. Furthermore, he confirmed that Sara Del Rey‘s role within WWE will be that of a trainer for the WWE developmental females.

Punk appeared at the Ohio Comic Con yesterday fielding questions from fans. When asked what he would change if he was in charge of WWE, Punk said that there have been a lot of changes behind the scenes, including hiring independent veteran Del Rey as a trainer for up and coming Divas.

He said: “We recently hired Sara Del Rey to train our future Divas. I know a lot of people will be like, ‘Oh, that sucks, Sara should be on television’ and maybe you’re right, but I’ve talked to her about it. This is her dream job. She gets to wrestle everyday and she gets paid for it. I don’t think there’s a better female wrestler in the world right now.”

Punk continued: “She can teach our girls and hopefully the future generation of Divas are going to be that much better for it. Right now, it’s wide open. With Beth leaving, Kelly [Kelly] gone, there’s never been more opportunities for the girls in FCW to step up.”

Based on Punk’s comments it appears Del Rey won’t be a Diva herself on the main roster.

Phoenix has been around wrestling for years. She was an amateur wrestler in high school and had no issues wrestling women or men throughout her career. After getting professional wrestling training she made it to Ohio Valley Wrestling, then WWE’s developmental area, thanks to her friend Nora Greenwald (Molly Holly).

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