From Laughs to Fights, Jersey Shore ends with a bang, 10 of the best and worst moment of “Jersey Shore”

Between the fist pumping and hair gelling 4 Guidos, and 4 Guidettes got put together in a home. Pauly D, Mike, Ronnie, Vinni, Nicole, Sammi, Jenni, Angelina, and later on Deena. Gave us some of the most memorable moments, here’s a look back at the best and worst moments of Jersey Shore.

1. Ronnie’s Rectal Exam, a rectal exam had never made in to good TV, but Ronnie wakes up sick after heavy partying and drinking. Goes to see a doctor for a checked out, and Ronnie rectal exam made it into national TV. The shot of Ronnie getting a rectal exam would make even the biggest juicehead cringe.

2. Snooki gets punched on the face by guy. It was a punch that was heard around the world. Nicole “Snooki” gets punched by another bar patron who was accused of stealing drinks. The man was a gym teacher form Queens, he was arrested and suspended form his job. “Snooki” suffered form swelling and bruising. Producers’ forms the shows were very happy as the scene made the show an instant sensation.

3. The Cheese “Situation” the jokes form Jersey Shore sometimes are the stick on the lowers, and they can be funny to a third. The girls planted cheese on “Situation’s” bed, and when he got back to the house with a girl to smooch, the smell was so intense he kick her out because he thought she may off hava an STD.

4. We have an emergency “Toiled Drama.” Four episodes end up making it to the tribulations of a nasty toilet. Lesson learn, don’t flushed objects until the toiled.

5. T-Shirt Time Song. The guys decide to ease the tension with a musical number “T-shirt Time” this became a ritual for the Jersey guys every time the when out parting.

6. Sleazy Hot Tub Scene. The guys bring home some girls to party in the hot tub. Clothes come off, and the females from the house get all sort of pissed.

7. Vinny fall in Love, get stood up twice. The man for house most of the times try to find a one-night-stand that isn’t a grenade. But on season two, Vinny is revealed when he fall in love for what he call “rarest roses” a want to take her out for a date. He calls her, makes dinner reservation, buys her flowers and he get stood up.

8. Vinny’s Family Visit. Vinny’s family comes to the house to provide a real Italian family dinner.  His uncle “Nino” who they call an “OG” “Original Guido.” Not only got to enjoy “Jwoww” in the jacuzzi. But they show us a  serious lack of health-conscious eating, we got to see what is passed though generations down for decades.

9. Sammi & Ronnie. During the first two season the constant fighting, the brake ups,and the passionate make-up sessions.  Got to the  point of making the relationship  violent,  Ronnie brakes all of Sammi’s stuff, and she end up living the house. Making the relationship  go old really quick and milked to the end.

10. Meatball Problems. With the new addition “Deena.” After getting kicked out of the club, the print-sized guidettes take to the Jacuzzi,  and walk the Italy streets dress like they would dress in Jersey. “Meatball Problems.”

Tonight is the premier of the end of “Jersey Shore.” Is been nearly tree years since we where last introduce to the cast. Much has past during the six seasons, drama, fights, and award hook-up. Snooki will enter the house sex month pregnant, and “The Situation” returns to the shore after battling a prescription-medication addition.

Season Premier Tonight at 10pm.

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