General Colin Powell Says, I voted for Obama in 2008, and I’m voting for him this time [Video]

Definitely Senile: Video Below

By James Turnage:

I was watching ‘CBS This Morning’ earlier today. One of the guests was General Colin Powell. He was asked who he endorsed for president. He said, I voted for him in 2008, and I’m voting for him this time. He went on to explain that Mr. Obama inherited a disastrous situation and is succeeding in his efforts to help the country rise from it. He stated the facts that unemployment is on the decline, the housing market is on the rise, he got us out of one war and is on his way to getting us out of another, and, most importantly, he didn’t get us into another one. Personally, he likes Mr. Romney, but doesn’t know where he stands on foreign policy. In the beginning he had opinions he claims not to have at the present. He has changed his mind 180 degrees. When asked if he was still a republican, he said yes, but a moderate one.

This prompted John McCain to say that he had put his legacy with the Republican Party in jeopardy. I can remember when John McCain was a moderate, and he called himself a “maverick”. I supported him in his bid for the presidency in 2000. I cannot endorse him for anything now. He has simply become that “senile old man from that redneck state”.

I didn’t hear anyone from the democrats complain when the “honorable” Donald Trump endorsed Romney. Everyone courted him for the honor of his support, but no one openly showed their jealousy. I was proud of the Democrats for showing restraint.

McCain’s disappointment is just another example of what has ruined our country. Republicans are ostracized if they don’t adhere to the party line. They have become a cult. That is why intelligent republicans such as General Powell and Garrison Keeler have indicated or openly said that they don’t recognize this Republican Party. What a shame the G.O.P. has become the Greedy Obstructive Party.

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