Halloween Home Video Review: “Insidious,” “VHS,” “Cabin in the Woods,” “The Innkeepers,” “Dawn of the Dead,”

Written By: Thomas Riccardi
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Films to watch this October

Ah October as the heat from summer starts to fade and the leaves fall from the trees you can feel it in the air that the seasons are changing. But October means different things for different people and for me it is a celebration of all things scary and horrific. This is the time of the year I love to curl up on my couch, fire up the TV and watch some of the latest scary movies that will have you jump out of your seat.

Here are some of my picks for films to watch that might give you some sleepless nights.

1) Insidious: There are a few films that I will not watch because they are just too scary and Insidious is one of them. It starts out innocently enough as a young child is hurt in an accident at home but it slowly picks up speed and delivers scares throughout the entire movie. If you do watch it don’t be surprised if you’re in bed late at night and awakened by a strange noise and can’t get yourself out of bed to investigate it.

2) VHS: When I first saw the trailer for this film I thought “Eh another mish mosh of horror” But I was wrong. This is a film that serves up different bite sized morsels of horror that will keep you guessing. You need to sit down and watch this film all the way through as I have and then go back and watch your favorites. Definitely a film to be experienced.

3) Cabin in the Woods: While not overly scary this film has the same vibe as the Evil Dead films as it delivers not only scares but laughs as well. This is one film I could watch over and over again and has a great cast of characters as well an excellent story (of course written by Joss Whedon of Firefly and buffy fame).

4) The Innkeepers: Two young people are working at a hotel that was once filled with people but is now empty and about to close. These two people are also ghost hunters and are looking for the spirit that prowls the halls of this hotel. But when they actually get what they’re looking for will anyone make it out of here alive? Ti West directed this film and also did VHS on this list and another film called House of the Devil and all are worth watching.

5) Dawn of the Dead: First I am not bashing on the remake done in 2004 because that’s a good movie in it’s own right. But nothing can beat the original made in 1978 with it’s dayglo red blood and great story about four people who hole up in a mall trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. If you can find the extended version watch it even if you have seen the original 100 times there are scenes in that version that add to the movie. Definitely one to watch!

And there you have it these are some of the films that I love to watch this Halloween. So go to your local video store, rent some of these classics , dim the lights and get ready to get scared stiff!

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