On October 5, 2012 at approximately 9:28 a.m., the LVMPD Dispatch Center was notified firefighters responding to a house fire in the 1900 block of West Mesquite Avenue had encountered what they believed to be an indoor marijuana grow operation. Responding officers and investigators confirmed the existence of the illegal grow
operation, which contained approximately 12 mature plants and an unknown number of immature plants. In addition to the plants and grow equipment, numerous chemicals and approximately one pound of harvested and packaged marijuana was located within the residence. The preliminary investigation into this case indicates the fire was contained to the single room of the residence utilized for the illegal growing of marijuana. Fire
Department Investigators confirmed the point of origin of the fire was a free-standing air conditioner used in the room as part of the grow operation. The occupant of the residence was treated at the scene for minor injuries. The
investigation into this event remains ongoing, and no arrests have been made. This is the fifth fire within LVMPD’s jurisdiction since 2009 which was caused by illegal indoor marijuana grow operations contained within a structure. Area residents are reminded of the dangers posed by the presence of illegal marijuana grow houses, and encouraged to contact Law Enforcement if they believe a grow house exists within their neighborhood.