“Hugo Chavez,” said that if he loses elections “maybe it wouldn’t unfold a civil war” But…

The Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, said on Thursday that if the opposition wins the election on October 7, 2012, in which he aspires to a third term as President of Venezuela, “maybe it wouldn’t unfold a civil war,” but the country would enter a political crisis, economically and socially.

Chavez is referring to one of the former statements from Governor David Anzotegui,  from Lima. A former ally of Chavez, and now an independent politician recently said, that the implementation of the plan of government opposition would open the “door for a civil war” in Venezuela.

“He was talking on television saying that if this plan was applied here, would generate a civil war”, he said, adding “it would destabilize the country immediately. And he’s right, maybe not a civil war, but would enter another crisis, economic, social,”said the ruling.

“And Venezuela would sink again and I think it would be worse. Worse things happen that happened in the eighties and nineties, decades catastrophic for the Venezuelan people, “Chavez stressed in a telephone interview with state television.

The president compared the government program of its rival, Henrique Capriles, the presidential candidate U.S. Republican Mitt Romney.

“Beware if the government program of far-right Republican candidate gringa falls short against this fascist program,” he said.

Hugo Chavez has exploited his illness medially, projecting at the presidential elections to be held in October 2012.
At 57 years old, suffering from blindness and deafness social, Venezuela leads to radical communism and to meet its goals, looking to extend his term of 12 years, intending to defeat the opposition. He does not know who the real enemies are not only those, but some of his own party members as marauding scavengers prey after dying.

Chavez has indigestion from egotism digging its own grave, closing the doors to business and industry, that would help him in the coming crisis given the fragility of the body by disease and political rickets has weakened to the people. He has spread the plague of greed among small and military leaders who seek power, who nailed the dagger that he will end his Bolivarian revolution, leading to Venezuela to live most adverse times.

On 7 October, Venezuelans will elect their president for the period 2013-2019 among seven candidates led by Chavez, 58 and in power since 1999, and Capriles, former governor and attorney of 40 years.

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