Hulk Hogan had to know his naked romp with Bubba’s wife was being taped, says Howard Stern

The lawsuit Hulk Hogan filed against Gawker Media and his longtime friend Bubba the Love Sponge is still unclear of actually what the wrestler is seeking from Clem. In fact, Bubba and his attorney claimed on Howard Stern’s Sirious XM radio show that they have yet to be served.

Stern say he would like Hogan to drop the lawsuit against his former pal Bubba, saying Hogan had to know his naked romp with the Tampa shock jock’s wife was being taped.

“I’m getting you out of this lawsuit,” Stern tells Bubba on his SiriusXM show Wednesday.

“That would be awesome,” Clem says.

Hogan filed state and federal lawsuits on Monday stating he was unaware he was being recorded while having sex with Clem — with Bubba’s blessing — and that the release of the video has caused damage upward of $100 million.

“I will get Hogan and Bubba together,” Stern says. “I think what Bubba is saying is making a lot of sense. I think if Hogan could hear it and I can translate a little bit and calm everyone down, I think we could see through this … I think I can get Hulk Hogan to take you out of this lawsuit.”

Hogan’s lawyer, David Houston, told the “New York Daily News” on Wednesday that the case is proceeding.

“This is not the Bubba Show, it’s litigation. Thanks to Bubba for making our case against him better,” Houston says. “We look forward to seeing him in court. At that time it will not be a runaway rant. His time is coming.”

Bubba explained his side of the story on the “Shock Jock’s” show yesterday, as he and Hogan are presently not on good terms.

Bubba alleged that the veteran wrestler was in on the naughty video scandal from the beginning.

The DJ also claims that Hogan had “brainwashed” him to allow for his then-wife to have sex with him, according to reports.

He confirmed the weird arrangement was completely consensual on his radio show and accused Hogan of trying to “play the victim.”

“Now that you’ve filed a lawsuit, it’s over,” Bubba told listeners of his show.

He then suggested that the recent events surrounding the tape are typical of Hogan’s personality.

“I’m going to fight back for my family,” vowed Bubba.

“I don’t understand how you can sue a victim and I don’t understand how you can sue your best friend,” the attorney says. “I’m hopeful we never get served and can work together to find out [what happened with the tape]. I am convinced Bubba had nothing to do with it. And I don’t believe Heather had anything to do with it. So let’s find that party who has caused harm to everyone. That is our objective, our hope.”

The lawyer noted that Bubba has not been served with the lawsuit.

“The reality is that these guys shouldn’t be fighting each other. They should be fighting the person who stole it, released it and those who broadcast it,” he added. “I don’t know what his objective is in suing Bubba. We will respond if and when we are served.”

Bubba’s attorney says the incident is “very unfortunate,” pointing out that Bubba and Hulk have been good friends for a long time. In fact, Hulk not only served as best man at Bubba’s wedding, but is godfather to his son.

After branding Hogan a “hypocritical fraud” on his airwaves Tuesday morning, Bubba said Wednesday he’d have “no problem” taking a lie detector test on Stern’s show to prove he’s innocent.

He told Stern he’s never even seen the tape of his ex-wife Heather having sex with Hogan in his canopy bed six years ago and has no idea how the racy recording ended up on earlier this month.

He said he even tried to bury the hatchet with Hogan after the wrestling star filed the invasion of privacy lawsuit against him Monday but was told to take a flying leap.

“We don’t have to be the best of friends, but we can be at least cordial if you take me and Heather out of your dumb-a- lawsuit,” Bubba claimed he wrote to Hogan in a Tuesday text.

“Were the tapes made at your house?” Stern asked.

“I don’t know. …I would be able to tell you more if I have seen these tapes,” Bubba said.

“He said there might possibly be one or two because this sex happened at least one other time with your ex-wife,” Stern said, referring to an earlier interview with Hogan.

“I’m not familiar with that,” Bubba said. “There’s so much that I don’t know that I’m being blindsided by.”

Bubba, 46, told Stern that Hogan was a regular overnight guest at his house and knew there were cameras rolling at all times, including in the bedroom, as an insurance policy related to an ugly child custody case.

Stern said even he was aware of Bubba’s obsession with home surveillance.

“Did he ever say to you, ‘Hey Bubba, I know we tape in here, make sure you get rid of that tape. Did he ever say that to you?” Stern asked.

“No, no. We’ve not had that conversation because nobody has seen it,” Bubba said.

“Specifically the taping equipment in your house, doesn’t it erase after a certain period of time?” Stern asked.

“I’m not going to get into the logistics of my surveillance,” Bubba said. “I don’t know the logistics of it.”

Asked if he as a company that “services this equipment regularly,” Bubba said, “No.”

He denied bragging about the recording or ever showing it to a single outsider.

“So let’s figure it out. Who could it be who got in there?” Stern asked.

“I don’t know Howard,” he said. “I don’t even know that it wasn’t Hogan.”

Hogan, who was the best man at the Clems’ wedding, originally shied away from blaming the couple for making the tape and failing to keep it secret.

He later told he was “completely stunned” by a report that Bubba appears in an unpublished section of the sex tape boasting about its street value.

In the tape, as he stands bare-bottomed before joining Mrs. Love Sponge on the bed, allegedly Hogan’s phone rings. “Let me see if that’s Nick, hold on,” he says, potentially putting a damper on the mood. Hogan also interrupts a post-coital cuddle, saying he has plans to go meet with Nick, as fathers typically do.

If the tape is the wrestler,his first words after getting out of bed? A disgusted, “Fuck, I just ate too. I felt like a pig.” Swoon. Apparently, he ate too much sashimi. “I gotta put my Bubba shirt back on.” (In this case, Bubba is Hogan’s nickname; he’s not referring to Clem’s husband, Love Sponge.) And he doesn’t stop harping on it, either. “Can’t believe I just ate like a pig 10 minutes ago,” he complains, shaking his head. “I feel like I just got off a f****** roller coaster. I’m out of breath.”

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