I predicted last nights debate would be a debacle for Romney

What a ‘Smack Down’

By James Turnage:

In an earlier article I predicted last nights debate would be a debacle for Romney. I didn’t know my prediction would be less destructive than the actual outcome.

Romney was not only badly prepared for his confrontation with the President, he had no substance, and no legitimacy. He not only confirmed the facts that Mr. Obama has acted with great diligence, he negated any and all philosophies he had previously stated.

On every issue, from Israel to Iran, to Syria and China, Mr. Obama displayed his administration’s foreign policy as progressive. He was tough on Iran’s nuclear policy and gave Romney no regress with his declarations as to where our country stands with support for Israel. He was clear in our relations with Pakistan and the end of our participation in Afghanistan. He was clear on our future with China confirming the economic differences between us, much of which has been created by companies controlled by businessmen such as Romney, who have farmed out our industries and jobs to countries such as them. Romney never denied that he favored tax breaks to those companies. Romney’s entire rhetoric was to attack the President and never answer questions directly targeted at him. He was an abject failure. He had no understanding or knowledge of effective foreign policy. He may be worse than Bush.

Today I received a thermos that I had ordered for my wife. She and I have decided that microwaving food destroys its nutrition, so she would only take hot food prepared in the normal way. I looked at the bottom of the thermos. It said “made in China”. I was not really surprised, but it made me think even more about how few things are made in this country. Stanley, the company who makes the profit from these products, probably experienced a cost of less than 2 dollars for the thermos to be made. The cost to me was almost 26 dollars. Do the math. Their profit would most likely have been much less if manufactured in the United States. But, American workers would have been paid a fair wage for their effort, and taxes would have been paid to our country instead of to a foreign entity.

I hope you are wise enough to calculate that the wealthy in our country support a continuation of this policy, and Romney is one of them. He is not for the working class, and to claim he is, is blatant fabrication.

If debates count, and I don’t believe they actually do, Mr. Obama kicked his a**.

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