Interview: Slick Living with Khleo

By Kelly J Newson

From Movies & TV to music Khleo Thomas has done it all and his talent and drive continues to launch him pass just being another child star but to success as a working Hollywood actor and music star as an adult. Getting his start on such tv shows and movies such as; “City Guys,” “Family Law,” “The Bernie Mac Show,” “CSI,” “ER,” “Walking Tall,” “Holes,” and “Sons of Anarchy,” to name a few.

Khleo has already proven he has the acting chops to act alongside Hollywood heavyweights such as Jon Voight and The Rock and hit stages with the likes of Bow Wow.

Still, Khleo can and does stand on his own. Releasing three successful mixtapes, each garnering over 100,000 downloads, has over 200,000 views on YouTube, starred in hollywood blockbusters, and a fan base that keeps his name trending on twitter. It’s no wonder Khleo has been able to stay strong and consistent in Hollywood and music. He has a fanbase that is loyal, and with his talent & drive Khleo is on track to be one of Hollywood’s finest for years to come.

Now as Khleo continues on his journey in conquering TV, Film, and music and now fashion with his “Slick Living” line. Khleo gives new definition to “Slick Living.” Here’s Khleo in his own words:

KJN: Tell us who Khleo is
KHLEO: Khleo is a hard working entertainer who just wants to give the people what they want.

KJN: How would you describe your style musically?
KHLEO: Slick. As slick as possible.

KJN: “Slick Living” is your latest project, how did that whole concept get conceived?
KHLEO: I wanted to start branding myself. So ‘Slick Living’ came to mind as I feel it represents me and what I stand for, and we just ran with it.

KJN: What was your approach to the “Slick Living” project?
KHLEO: The approach was making a different sounding project compared to my others. To show the growth in every aspect of my music.

KJN: Inspiration behind “Slick Living?”
KHLEO: Living your life positive no matter what.

KJN: How did you choose which producers to work with?
KHLEO: Me and my team are very strategic. We listen closely to everything. We listen for certain sounds that make a beat unique.

KJN: Favorite track on “Slick Living?”
KHLEO: ‘Here Now’ and ‘Nosey’

KJN: Your single “So many girls” wasn’t on “Slick Living” but released separately, why was that?
KHLEO: ‘Slick Living’ was the mixtape, ‘So Many Girls’ was the radio hit. We held on to it, just a tiny bit longer and went on a nation wide radio promo tour to push it. Radio has really supported it so far.

KJN: Inspiration/concept behind “So many girls,” the song and video?
KHLEO: FUN after relationships, FUN PERIOD

KJN: When can fans expect a new mixtape or album? Single?
KHLEO: Preparing to drop a collaboration with a incredible artist named Chris Batson. We’ve already shot 2 videos, and we are dropping it this month. This project is INSANE

KJN: What made you want to crossover from film and tv to music?
KHLEO: I’ve always done both. Its never been a crossover thing. I wrote the theme song for the film Holes. I toured with Bow Wow on Scream Tour after we did Roll Bounce

KJN: Anyone you want to star/collaborate with in a movie? Song?
KHLEO: Movie – Tom Hardy. Music – Ryan Leslie

KJN: Any movies or tv shows you will be starring in soon?
KHLEO: Something BIG is on the way.

KJN: You created the “Slick Living” brand/clothing line. What’s next for your brand?
KHLEO: We just dropped our 3rd season. We’re now in our winter line with Slick Living. WE GOT HOODIES NOW. The fans been waiting on that. We are going to drop some more limited edition pieces this winter. I’m going to build Slick Living the brand to be everywhere.

KJN: Where can fans purchase items from your line?

KJN: Will there be a bigger launch of your clothing line? Department stores etc?
KHLEO: Oh yes. It’s coming.

KJN: What can fans expect from you for the remainder of 2012? In 2013?
KHLEO: More music, more Khleo everywhere.

KJN: Where can fans keep up to date with all things Khleo?
KHLEO: – Twitter/Instagram: @Khleo_T –

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