Levi Johnston fumbles vows but succeeds to Marry Sunny Oglesby in Sunday Ceremony

Levi Johnston apparently married his girlfriend Sunny Oglesby on Oct. 28, 2012, in Wasilla, Alaska, according to published reports. The couple, who have been together for a “year and a quarter,” said “I do” in front of more than 100 of their closest friends and family, reported “Us Weekly.”

Officiated by Johnston’s friend Crosby Marrow, the couple’s nuptials took a lighthearted turn when the groom fumbled his vows and elicited chuckles from guests in attendance.

“To have and to hold, whatever you say,” Inside Edition reports Johnston as saying. Clad in a Hugo Boss red label tuxedo accessorized with a camouflage vest and bow tie, Johnston is said to have sweated profusely during the event.

“Congrats to my Brother Levi and his lovely bride Sunny!” Johnston’s sister Mercedes tweeted Sunday.

“Congrats to my Brother Levi and his lovely bride Sunny!” Johnston’s sister Mercede tweeted Sunday before posting pics of the bride and groom.

Not in attendance, however, was Johnston’s son Tripp, 4, his first child with ex Bristol Palin, something that Johnston told Inside Edition he was pretty upset about.

“I wanted him to be my ring bearer,” he said of his disappointment. According to Inside Edition, Johnston had not told Palin about the ceremony, but did ask her to have Tripp for the weekend.

Johnston, whose whirlwind trip through tabloid fame included a trip to the Republican National Convention, posing for Playgirl and being engaged for a time to Palin — “We still hate each other,” he’s said — welcomed baby girl Breeze Beretta with Oglesby in September.

The Guardian Express reported the occasion as the 22-year-old Johnston and Oglesby, 20, welcomed the arrival of their newborn baby girl, Breeze Beretta Johnston.

Breeze was born at 5:28 AM at Matsu Regional Hospital in Palmer, Alaska. At the time of arrival the baby weighed 6 pounds 15 ounces and was 19 inches long.

Johnston and Oglesby had been dating since late 2010, shortly after Johnston’s second engagement with Palin fell apart.

He admitted that her pregnancy was unplanned.

“There was a time we went to the cabin and forgot the birth control pills, and a month later we found out we were having a baby,” the New York Daily News reported him as saying in April.

The name Beretta was inspired by the Italian gunmaker, according to Britain’s Daily Mail. and “sits well with Johnston who is an avid hunter of caribou, elk and bears in the wilds of Alaska.”

Beretta also makes high-end guns used by the military and police officers.

Palin, a “Dancing with the Stars” contender, wrote a book about being a single teen mom after she and Johnston broke up.

She also appeared on the TV show “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and posed for Playgirl magazine.

In April, Johnston and Oglesby sat down for a chat with Inside Edition. “There was a time we went to the cabin and forgot the birth control pills, and a month later we found out we were having a baby,” he explained of Sunny, a 20-year-old teacher who resides in his hometown of Wasilla, Alaska.

But unlike his relationship with Palin, Johnston said he has a stronger connection with Oglesby. “I’m actually in love,” he said, “not doing it just because we had a kid together.”

If you’re wondering how Johnston and preschool teacher met, he told “Inside Edition” back in May, “I seen her on Facebook — a picture, and I called my friend and said ‘Get her,'” His reputation hadn’t reached Oglesby, she said. “I wasn’t watching that stuff, I was in high school.”

This is the first marriage for both Johnston and Oglesby.

“Inside Edition” will air an exclusive special on the ceremony Wednesday.

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