National Hockey League Officially Cancels 1st 2 weeks of regular season

The National Hockey League has officially canceled 1st 2 weeks of 2012-2013 regular season on Thursday, according to Reuters.

The regular season was scheduled to begin on Oct. 11, but with training camps on hold and all pre-season games already cancelled, the decision was made by the NHL owners to cancel the first couple of weeks of regular games.

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said Wednesday that the league has already lost $100 million in revenues from cancelled pre-season games. That number would continue to rise now that these regular season game are cancelled.

The sides are fighting about how to divide up over $3 billion in hockey-related revenues. Players received 57 per cent of that in the previous collective bargaining agreement, and the NHL wants that number to drop under 50 per cent in the new deal.

During a brief meeting between the two sides on Tuesday, the topics consisted of secondary issues and not the core economics that have the NHL and the NHLPA at odds. No more meetings are currently scheduled.


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