NFL is finally considering eliminating the Pro Bowl

It Makes Sense

By James Turnage:

All Star games are for fun. Sure, it’s an honor to be selected, but when it comes right down to it only one game of the three professional leagues has any meaning, and even that is minimal. The winner of the All Star game in baseball, the National League or the American League, receives home field advantage in the World Series.

The NFL is finally considering eliminating the Pro Bowl. Rule changes for that one game, all stars on the Superbowl teams not able to play, and selected players with minor injuries have made it nothing more than a Hawaiian vacation.

I am a nut for the NFL, but I haven’t watched the Pro Bowl in over five years. In a radio interview between Commissioner Roger Goodell, and former New York Giant, Michael Strahan, they both agreed the game played last January was embarrassing.

If the game is eliminated, there will still be a Pro Bowl team selected from the NFC and the AFC, but they will not meet on the playing field. The players are lobbying to keep the game. Why not? If you’re selected there is a monetary compensation, and that free trip to the ‘Islands’.

This season’s game is to be played on January 27th. For the sake of the players, I hope it’s the last. All players are banged up, and some have serious or semi-serious injuries after playing 16 grueling games and an additional playoff game or two. It seemed like a good idea, but, like many ideas it has run its course.

James Turnage