Obama Celebrates 20th Anniversary in Nevada

By James Turnage

Today, October 3rd marks twenty years of marriage for Barrack and Michelle Obama. They are in Nevada. He is in Henderson, making final preparations for the first debate this evening. She will be here in Reno speaking at the University of Nevada Reno.

She will be speaking to a crowd at the quad around midday. In 2008 on September 30th, she introduced her husband to northern Nevada in the same section of the university. He carried our state, and soundly defeated challenger John McCain.

She is on par with her husband as a public speaker. Sometimes I think she is the best of the two. Her speech at the Democratic Conventions was heartfelt and inspiring. Deservedly so, she is the most popular first lady in history, surpassing Jacqueline Kennedy.

The crowd will undoubtedly consist of supporters already committed to Mr. Obama’s reelection. There may be a few who are still uncertain in the throng. With her likeability rating off the charts, I’m sure they’ll be climbing off the fence on the left side.

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