President Obama’s Message to All Americans: “Don’t Boo; Vote”

The Obama for America re-election campaign rolled thru Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday on its way to Denver, CO for Wednesday’s debate, and as expected, it was a hit with the local populace.

The rally was held at Desert Pines High School, which is deep in the heart of Nevada Congressional District 1, which holds the distinction of being the largest concentration of Hispanics in Nevada.

The current Congressional Representative from NV CD1 is Shelly Berkley, a 7 term incumbent. She is retiring from this position to run for the US Senate against “incumbent” Dean Heller.

Previously, Senator Heller was the Congressional Representative from NV CD2, and was appointed to the US Senate by Republican Governor Brian Sandoval.

Senator Heller was appointed in April 2011, upon the resignation of then Senator John Ensign, who resigned in disgrace over repeated allegations of marital infidelity between himself and the wife of his Campaign manager.

The rally started off slow, with several guest speakers taking the stage in advance of the President. Pastor David Rodriguez gave a lovely Invocation, followed by the National co-chair for the Obama for America campaign, Desert Pines student counselor Ms. Loretta Harper.

Ms. Harper is a shining example of the local school district, as she has been a counselor at DPHS for 11 years, and according to some of her favorite students, the best in town. Kudos to Ms. Harper her astute counseling of the future of America, and our most precious resource, our children. Ya done good.

President Obama was finally introduced by someone you may remember, or heard of recently. Her name is Chasstiry Vasquez, a Political Science Major at UNLV, and the daughter of Mexican immigrants.

She was the person who secretly videotaped Mitt Romney making his infamous remarks about the “47%” of Americans that pay no taxes and bleed the government dry by overuse of “entitlement” programs.

It was a raucous crowd to begin with, and before the President spoke, Dina Titus had received the loudest applause, and it was loud.

Ms. Titus is the Democratic candidate for NV CD1, a former Congresswoman who lost her seat two years earlier to Rep. Joe Heck, and has a distinct advantage over her opponent, as this district is heavily Democratic and Hispanic as well. She faces no real opposition from the Republican challenger, and is a lock for the seat.

And then the President approached the podium.

And the crowd went wild.

I have been to some loud events before, but this was the loudest in my recent memory.

Rock star loud.

Bottom of the ninth, Cubs down by one, bases loaded, two outs, two strikes, legendary third baseman Ron Santo at the plate.

Base hit to right center field.

One run in, and here comes the runner from second.

Here’s the throw, here’s the play at the plate.

Safe at home.

Cubs win! Cubs win!

Man that’s loud, and let me tell you, the President was safe at home as well!

It’s obvious the rally was held in this location because of its heavily Democratic populace, as well as its 46% Hispanic Population.

Obama was preaching to the choir.

And preach he did.

President Obama said all the buzz words, reminded us to stay the course, so we could finished what we started. He mentioned that our country was doing well, but still had a ways to go, and to help him to help all of us Americans to , again, finish what we started.

And then he mentioned Mitt Romney.

And the crowd went wild again. But not with cheers and applause, but this time with boos. That’s right, the boo birds were out in force.

Reminded me of the old NYC Mayor’s trophy game, when during Major League Baseball’s All-Star break, before interleague play, the Mets and the cross town rival Yankees would play one game for bragging rights for the next year, hence the name. Many a Bronx cheer heard there.

After about two or three of these booing sessions, President Obama said, Hey wait a minute, wait a minute, “Don’t boo, Vote”


And the crowd went wild again, and again, and again.

Every time they booed, The President said “Don’t boo, Vote,” so much so that finally the crowd chanted the message along with the President.

“Don’t boo, Vote”

This may be the most important election in American history. All Americans need to make their voice heard, to make the politicians stand up and listen, to make everyone see that their candidate is right, and the other guy is wrong, no matter who their candidate is, and no matter which party you belong to.

Now we can sit around and shoot the bull and have a few beers and complain about the state of affairs in this country, but the only real way to effect change is to VOTE.

So I would say to all you armchair jockeys, all you lounge lizards, all you Americans who think that your vote doesn’t count, register to vote, and then do it. VOTE!

It’s easy, and only takes about 5 minutes online, maybe less.

The deadline for online voter registration in Nevada is October 6th.

And you can still register in person by October 16th.

To register to vote in Nevada, follow this link.

And remember what President Obama said.

Don’t Boo, VOTE.


Article by Jim Donahue

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