Romney was at his best


By James Turnage:

I wrote an article a couple of days ago about the first presidential debate that just ended a few minutes ago.

Both candidates are good debaters, and that made it hard to watch. Unlike all the politicos, I will offer no opinion as to who won or lost because there wasn’t a clear outcome. The President stood on his accomplishments and the difficulty of his first four years. Former Governor Romney made claims and accusations with no substantiation. There was some agreement and some severe allegation on both parts. They are extremely different, although they claimed to share similar concerns for the future of our country.

As I predicted, much of what was said was repeated many, many times in their campaign ads. There wasn’t much that was new. That’s why I’ll simply offer my own impression.

Romney was at his best. He repeated a philosophy that he has repeatedly maintained throughout his campaign that he would create 12 million jobs in 4 years. But he never defined how that would take place, especially when challenged by the President.

The basic impression I had, despite all the rhetoric, all the claims of how they would be superior to the other if elected, a single theme ran true. Romney is a man who was born with a “silver spoon in his mouth”. He has no understanding of my situation, or those of my son or daughter, my friends, or former co-workers. President Obama grew up and experienced much of what I experienced as an aspiring citizen of this country. It wasn’t easy, and I think that’s the way it should be. But those who work the hardest should be rewarded. And when we have worked for 47 years as I did, if we need help in the form of repayment for the dues we have paid, we deserve it. I never asked for a “handout”. I only expected to receive what I deserved.

Romney and Ryan don’t get it. They were privileged. I cannot relate to them. I never had the security of knowing all my needs were going to be cared for.

I commend both candidates, they both prepared with great diligence. But, as I said days ago, the debate will make no difference for most of us. We witnessed what we expected, and I’ll never get back those 93 minutes of my life.

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