Savannah’s “Chocoholic’s Dream” – Lulu’s Chocolate Bar

Written By: Dollie Gull
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Savannah’s “Chocoholic’s Dream” – Lulu’s Chocolate Bar

Lulu’s Chocolate Bar is a kitschy kind of a place in Savannah, Georgia, on the Unites States’ eastern shore where echoes of the Deep South ring loud and where today’s tourist encounter ever more fascinating sites and events to explore. I discovered that Savannah in spring and summer is almost overwhelmed by visitors looking for a taste of the Old South in a city steeped in it. Finding a parking place on the city’s popular River Street is no longer possible. Instead, a multi-tiered parking garage provides a spot with a short hike. Not far away from River Street and Savannah’s most well known attractions is Martin Luther King Jr. Street. Here is one of Savannah’s most popular drinking holes and absolutely the best dessert spot any chocolate will ever find. While River Street hosts the internationally known Pralines Sweet Shop, MLK Street is the locale of Lulu’s and their exotically intriguing chocolate desserts and drinks.

Lulu’s is exactly the kind of place that draws Savannah’s burgeoning artsy crowd, where students from the Savannah College of Art and Design (better known as SCAD) gather. Tourists have also found Lulu’s and I discovered it, thanks to my good friend Georgia Educator Dr. Linda Godsey. She promised me a special treat after we enjoyed a trolley tour, seeing Savannah’s historic residential and “civic” squares first laid out in 1773. At an earlier conference, she followed local tips about the best eating places from folks who bragged about Lulu’s Chocolate Bar specialties. Like me, Linda has an obsessive sweet tooth. She was delighted to find this unique, one-of-a-kind sweet spot. On our trolley tour, she’d said little about Lulu’s other than it was a great place to assuage a chocoholic’s dearest desires. We wandered in following our day’s touring with tired feet matched by sharp thirsts with a definite craving for something sweet.

Lulu’s opening 5 p.m. time brought us in through a dark entry-way away from Savannah’s slanting late afternoon sun into an almost chocolate-tasting interior in which I discovered Lulu’s exotically chocolate-laden menu. A showcase at the entry displayed some truly decadent looking desserts, drawing us into an interior designed to make Happy Hour a truly memorable event. From 5-8 p.m. Lulu’s Happy Hour provides a wide variety of unique kinds of drinks and edibles. Perusing the expansive drink and dessert menu, I saw such exotically named concoctions as the Lulutini featuring “chocolate, chocolate, chocolate” and Jacki-O’s citrus, St. Germain and Cava drink. Their $10 martinis echo such sweet menu selections as Chocolate Covered Orange, Very Berry, Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Macaroon, all drinks which have to be imbibed to be believed. They are wonderful! Then their $8 martinis include such offerings as The Dreamsicle and Citrus Rose. One of their most popular drinks is the Sparklebomb with Chambord vodka Peach and St. Germain.

But while we arrived thirsty after our warm day of touring, Linda’s mind was definitely in the chocolate channel, while I’ve never, ever, been able to pass up a crème brulee, especially one concocted of white chocolate.

I also discovered that Lulu’s is definitely the place to investigate some truly decadent snacks which include their Cyprus Grove Purple Haze composed of Wisconsin cheeses: one goat, one sheep, separated by grape vine ask which they proudly proclaim is “addictive” served – as are all their gourmet cheese plates – with crackers, fresh fruit, glazed nuts and fruit compote. Alcoholic drinks include their version of Irish Coffee with Jameson, Baileys and a splash of crème de menthe, and Lulu’s Toasted Almond Coffee with Kahlua, Amaretto and Baileys. Nonalcoholic drinks include Espresso, Americano and Cappuccino, along with a variety of other beverages. While the drinks are enticing, it’s the desserts, however, that truly attract the crowd with delicious melt-in-your-mouth, handmade truffles, gluten-free Crème Brulee in white chocolate raspberry, chocolate espresso or vanilla bean. Linda, however ordered her favorite: Lulu’s Triple Chocolate Mousse Tower. We discovered that Happy Hour on Wednesdays offers $5 Champagne cocktails, while Monday through Saturday, there is $2 off martinis, and $3 off well drinks with free Cookie Bites. Georgia voters in some counties, including Savannah’s Chatham County, recently approved ditching the state’s long-standing Blue Laws, prohibiting Sunday alcoholic sales. Liquor, however, can only be served after 12:30 p.m., when it’s assumed church services are over.

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