Southern California’s worst and best, UCLA game vs. Arizona State, and USC against Arizona

Southern California Football

by James Turnage:

I flipped back and forth between the UCLA game vs. Arizona State, and the USC game against Arizona. USC, at the start of the game was rated number nine in the BCS. Arizona was considered by most as a last place representative in the PAC 12.

UCLA marched down the field and scored a last second field goal to win the game. USC threw up a “hail Mary” in hopes of winning a game. UCLA won, USC lost.

How USC was ever rated number one at the beginning of the season confounds me. They have a terrible defense, special teams are horrible, and the offense is questionable. They commit too many penalties which show a severe lack of discipline.

I grew up in Los Angeles. It was common to see brother facing brother when USC and UCLA played each other in basketball or football. Throughout the years I lived there, UCLA was better in basketball, (thanks to John Wooden), and USC was the legend in football.

It appears now that both are failures in their efforts to achieve a national championship.

Matt Barkley, who was highly rated as a Heisman Trophy Winner in 2012, is an average quarterback. He has enormous talent on his offensive team, but he doesn’t know how to win with it. Today, Marqise Lee broke a USC receiving yardage record, as well as a PAC 12 record, but the USC defense failed to ensure a win. Lane Kiffin, the head coach for USC, has failed in his efforts to show leadership. His team displayed a lack of effort when it was most needed on all sides of the ball. It always starts at the top. I have coached at several levels, and I was to blame if we failed badly. I believe all coaches have to accept that responsibility.

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