The Anime Sensation Taking Over Japan, America, and Europe

Written By: Joshua Kroswek
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Over the past decade or so a new and developing trend has been taking over Japan, America, and Europe. The name of that sensation is anime. Anime is a Japanese style cartoon that can convey an assortment of different stories; from the tales of cute and lovable school girls, to warriors of great myth and legend. These quirky characters are able to achieve and show us more about life than actual actors due to the extraordinary feats they achieve in their fictional day to day lives. With anything being possible in a cartoon, from getting the girl of your dreams to fighting spirits in another world that is filled with haunted souls, there is a story and show for everyone in the vast sea of new and old animes.

The raw emotion that is conveyed through the overly dramatic and satiable antics of these characters helps keep the viewer involved in the program. And now with them being more and more accepted throughout the world, many children are finding themselves dressing and acting like the characters in their favorite shows. Due to the increased popularity conventions have started popping up all over the place to let children and adults alike feed their appetite for these Japanese cartoons. The conventions are a place to go and find new anime, re-live old ones, and even show an original one. People are capable of meeting the voices of their favorite character and are even able to become the voice of one.

Some dress up as their favorite characters and prance around while others attend in their normal everyday garb. There is literally an event for everyone.

With this happening the number of people attending these “cons” has jumped from hundreds to the thousands. So if you feel like reconnecting with your inner child try looking into the anime phenomenon that is taking place right now.

A simple online search will find a convention near you!

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