This Must Be The Priority if President Obama is Re-elected

By James Turnage

This Must Be The Priority if President Obama is Re-elected

The consensus is that this presidential campaign has been the ugliest, meanest, most negative of all time. The ads by both party’s election committees have made me ashamed of our system and the way we conduct elections.

But they are nothing compared to the blatant lies paid for by the “super-pacs”.

I believe that being filthy rich should not give you the right to twist the facts, and make false claims and accusations. This is simply spending money to get a candidate elected who will support legislation favoring your personal agenda.

The third segment of our government is assigned the responsibility of protecting the Constitution. They failed miserably when the right-wing members of the Supreme Court upheld “citizens united”. They removed individual rights and gave control of elections to the 1% of our country’s wealthiest citizens. Although the Court is supposed to make rulings in a non-political fashion, they have joined our congress and senate by voting entirely along political lines.

I am personally in favor of eliminating all television ads. Over 70% of registered voters cast their ballot according to what they see on the “boob tube”. (There’s a reason why it was labeled that way). We need to vote intelligently. It’s bad enough we have FOX noise telling their viewers how to vote. But, let’s face it, they’re lost when it comes to looking at the issues factually anyway. Then when any ad is allowed even if it contains not a single grain of truth, we have become a sad country of uninformed voters.

I consider Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers criminals. The way I see it they are treasonous. They don’t care about our country, they care about their bank accounts.

I sincerely hope that if Mr. Obama is re-elected, he makes the citizens united case a priority. It must be overturned. It’s the Constitutional and right thing to do.

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