Obama gives a free concert featuring “Jon Bon Jovi” at the House of Blues of Las Vegas

By Albert Angulo

The President Barack Obama’s hosted a “get-out-the-vote” Saturday event at the House of Blues, inside the Mandalay Bay resorts of Las Vegas. Featuring Jon Bon Jovi, Aisha Tyler, and Jesse Williams. The early Saturday was a free concert was for all Nevada residents. The event focused on issues for the upcoming Presidential election and to encourage Nevada residents to vote as early as possible. Jon Bon Jovi performed some of his greatest hits, hypnotizing the audience with an acoustic version of “its my life,” among others.

Even though, the concert was in the early hours of the morning, hundreds of Nevada residents waited in line to enjoy the concert. Amount other celebrities’ actors Aisha Tyler and Jesse William gave speeches. Tyler spoke about the many accomplishments of our current President has accomplished and how he has care for every single American. She also talked about the future goals of our President and how voters need to give the opportunity to Barack Obama to finish his job. Living us with a very enthusiastic speech.


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