Hugo Chavez wins Presidential bid for the third time and will rule until 2018

“Hugo Chavez” was elected president of his country for the third time winning with 54.42% of the votes and rule until 2018, said the National Electoral Council. Chavez won with 7,444,082 votes in the polls against his main rival, opposition leader Henrique Capriles, who won with 6,151,544 votes in favor (44.97%), according to official data have suffrage when 90% of the ballots. “Thus, the Venezuelan president, architect of the so-called “Socialism of the XXI Century,” Chavez won his third term until 2019 and accumulated a total of 20 years in power, as he was first elected in 1998 and governed since following.”

The CNE also reported that participation in these elections was 80.94%, the highest in recent history of Venezuela. “Once again we have had a peaceful electoral process smoothly, with the joy of the people who decided to leave to vote massively,” said the president of the CNE, Tibisay Lucena.
The official also noted that it is “one of the highest shares of recent decades,” and therefore congratulated “all and voter out to vote today.”

Lucena also recognized the work of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, responsible for ensuring the safety of this Election Day. In these elections, as well as Hugo Chavez and Enrique Capriles concurred four other candidates, who, according to official results, none of which have achieved more than 0.5% of the votes.

CNE president invited the winners to celebrate their victory “quietly, peacefully, as these people deserve it,” while the losers were told to “participate in an election like this is a win,” to emphasize, “The whole country has won.”

The National Electoral Council of Venezuela announced that Hugo Chavez won elections: for the third time since last victory in 1998.

“Thanks to my beloved people! Long lives Venezuela! Long lives Bolivar!!” Said the ruler through his Twitter account immediately after hearing the results.
Near the Palace of Miraflores, in the city center, dozens of Chavez supporters were already gathered, cheering the president, 58-year-old, party flags, shouts and horns motorcycles.