Tired of hearing the differences between Obama and Romney?

Written By: Juan C Fernandez

What Election Foibles?

Article: It was interesting to be watching Cox cable today. They had quite a few good shows on and insights into what is going into this election process, as far as the candidates are concerned. You’re probably tired of hearing it by now; the differences between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney.

Sometimes you have to glean what you can from it as quickly as possible otherwise, you’re sure to either get fed up, or just plain fall asleep. But a few interviews, Tony Robbins and Steve Wynn on the virtues of capitalism, as well as Piers Morgan and Jesse Ventura on how some of the things Romney has said, make no sense at all…very interesting. I wasn’t paying all that much attention, until you brought that up there, Mr. Ventura! This is one time I felt like he was really on the ball – certainly much more so than many of those, sitting there on the couch like a sack of potatoes! Yes, this surprised even me!

Then there was, Rachel Maddow and others talking about how Romney could have done better, merely by playing up on his “humble” roots, as a Mormon, rising in the church and among his peers with insightful and tactful business acumen, as Mr. Obama apparently did – rising from simple roots to – President of the United States.

Apparently, it’s too late to do that now, at this stage of the game – very interesting.

You certainly hope so, because – let’s face it. IF it’s NOT too late to bring that one up, maybe that’s the next thing we’ll be hearing about (minus polygamy), is how he then rolled up his sleeves and set off to build a fortune (net worth: 200-250 million dollars) that included rising to the top of the list at (The Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter Day Saints) – leading then to the presidential run. And then now, there really is something not too many people can touch, as they only aspire to become something such as, “millionaire”- let alone “closer to God”.

Finally, it will be interesting to see, what happens next! So, I guess, we’ll just have to stay tuned, Jesse Ventura style!

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