Tsunami Warning For Coastal Areas Following 7.7 Magnitude Earthquake off Western Canada


The Magnitude updated to 7.7 the warning zone remains the same. The tsunami warning continues in effect for the coastal areas of British Colombia and Alaska from the North tip of Vancouver Island British Columbia to Cape   Decision Alaska/Located 85 miles do Sitka.

This message is information only for Coastal areas of California-Oregon-Washington and British Columbia from the California-Mexico border to the north tip of Vancouver Island Columbia.

This Message is information only for Coastal Areas of Alaska from cape decision Alaska/Located 85 miles Se of Sitka/to Attu Alaska. A tsunami warning meas all coastal residents in the warning are who are near the beach in low-lying regions should move  inland to higher ground and away from all harbors and inlets including those sheltered directly from the sea. Those feeling the earth shake. Seeing  unusual wave action. or the water level rising or receding may have only a few minutes before the tsunami arrival and should move immediately. Homes  and small buildings are not designed to withstand tsunami impacts. Do not stay in their structures.

All residents within the warned are should be alert for instructions broadcast from their local civil authorities. Earthquakes of this size are know to generate tsunamis.

At 804 pm pacific daylight time on October 27 an earthquake with preliminary magnitude 7.7 occurred 25 miles/40km south of sandpit British Columbia. Earthquakes of this size are known to generate tsunamis. If a tsunami has been generated the waves will first reach Langara Island British Columbia at 9;16pm PDT on October 27. Estimated tsunami arrival times and maps along with safety rules  WCATWC.ARH.NOAA.GOV.

Tsunamis can be dangerous waves that are not survivable. Waves heights are amplified by irregular shorelines and are difficult to forecast. Tsunamis often appear as a strong surge and may be preceded by a receding water level. Marines in water deeper that 600 feet should not be affected by a tsunami. Waves heights will increase rapidly as water shallows. Tsunamis are a series of oceans waves, which can be dangerous for several hours after the initial waves arrival. Do not return to evacuated areas until an  all clear is given by local civil authorities.

Pacifica coastal regions outside California/ Oregon / Washington / British Columbia and Alaska should refer to the pacific tsunami warning center messages for information on this event at  PTWC.WEATHER.GOV.

This message will be updated in 30 minutes of sooner if the situation warrants. The tsunami message will remain in effect until further notice. For further information sty tuned to NOAA Weather Radio. YOur local TV or radio stations, or  the web site WCATWC.ARH.NOAA.GOV.


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