Two Weeks Until Election Day For Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan

Written By: Hans Benes

Two Weeks Until Election Day

Finally, the Presidential debates have ended and it’s two weeks until Election Day. Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan have given us their best shot and continue to campaign around the country hoping to find support of undecided voters in undecided states. We will continue to be inundated with polls and television ads right until election night.

In what is being seen as a very tight race, every vote is important. Votes are not only important for the candidates, but for you, the voters as well. Support the candidate of your choice! Your vote does count!

For those who are still undecided, let me give you a few, unbiased, economic statistics for the last four years:

1. In January 2009 unemployment was 7.8%, today it’s 7.8%.
2. In December 2009 our national debt was $10.7 trillion, today it’s $16 trillion
3. In January 2009 the DOW was 8,000.86, today it’s 13,130.60.
4. In January 2009 the average new home price was $245,200, in August of this year it was $268, 800.
5. In January 2009 the prime interest rate was 3.25% today it’s 3.25%
If you’re interested in foreign policy, the following events happened since January 2009:
1. Combat troops have been withdrawn from Iraq.
2. Our Ambassador to Libya was assassinated in a terrorist attack
3. Osama Bin Laden and other top Al Qaeda leaders have been killed.
4. Political unrest is affecting several Middle East countries, including Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and Syria
5. Iran is developing nuclear weapons
6. A timetable for troop withdrawal has been established for Afghanistan
7. BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Now the choice is up to you, the American people. I will not tell you to vote for any particular candidate of any particular party. Our Constitution provides you with the freedom to vote your conscience. But I do implore you to vote.

My main concern, however, is that we stand united behind our President. Let us not go through another four years of negative rhetoric and finger pointing. There is too much at stake and too many Americans in need. We need a bipartisan President and Congress to tackle our difficult economic issues. We need a bipartisan President and Congress to get Americans back to work. And we need a bipartisan President and Congress to unify this country as we move forward in this 21st century.

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