Who CARES: the Center for AIDS Research, Education, & Services (CARES)

Written By: Tremeka Ruud
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There are three letters of the alphabet that can make the strongest of men weak and the bravest of them afraid to get tested, in fear of the results to come. We all, as humans, have made mistakes. For it is a known fact that even the blind can see, that all men are subject to make wrong decisions in their lives. But the question remains, Do we learn from our mistakes?

Do we continue with the same behavior until it’s too late? We all know that no one man on this earth will live eternally, for we all shall one day perish. But the fact that we can make decisions on our own free will to pass away prematurely really should be examined. When HIV came on the scene many years ago it was a new epidemic that most individuals did not understand.

Even after decades of millions of people dying from this dreadful, infectious virus many still choose to ignore the fact the HIV is real and continue to play Russian Roulette with their lives. We shouldn’t become upset, angry, or even furious at the virus itself. It’s only doing it’s job. It spreads like any other virus, but we as humans have to take control of our own lives, our own behaviors, and put a stop to this world wide epidemic. Unlike cancer, the spread of HIV is controllable through education, love of self, and love of others.

The love of self and others falls in line with the word CARE. So the question today is, Who CARES? Who cares enough to look at the world around us and know everyone’s effort is needed to fight this battle. One organization that does is the Center for AIDS Research, Education, & Services (CARES), located in downtown Sacramento, California. They provide free rapid HIV testing at no cost. For CARES 20th year anniversary, they launched a Are You the Difference, campaign.

Their plan is to fight the battle until the battle is won. CARES have put in place a strategic five year plan to end all new HIV cases in Sacramento, Ca. They encourage individuals to make a difference, by getting tested themselves and care enough to tell your friends and family to get tested as well. Since 1989, CARES has transformed lives. That is why it is so important to get the word out the CARES is readily available to those who need FREE testing, risk reduction counseling, support groups, out patient pharmacy, and many more services that are needed for HIV positive individuals.

CARES is here to help and aide the community as much as possible, but they can not do it alone. Everyone’s help is needed to win this battle. Let’s get involved. Become a volunteer in your community, an advocate, a friend to someone who is positive. Ask yourself, how passionate are you about the survival of humanity? What will happen to the world’s population if the disease is not put under control? What about our future generations? So the questions still arises, Who CARES? Do you?

For more information please visit: www.caresclinic.org

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