Who is the best team in the NFL? [Video]

Who is the best team in the NFL?

Written By: Jerry Burbridge

When the season started most people thought the N.F.C. East had the most championship contenders. Now, it no longer seems to be the case. Lets start with Dallas. This team seems to have the most problems as far as the eastern conference goes. After beefing up their secondary and revamping their defensive line, Dallas was on some analyst lists as eastern champs. But after Chicago manhandled them on monday,I think Dallas is probably the worst team in their conference, although I admit, it may be too early in the season to tell.

Now lets head over to Philly. This team has the potential to be one of, if not the best, team in the league. However, potential only goes so far and the way they turn the ball over they’ll be lucky to make the playoffs.

Then there’s the g-men. Still a very solid football team,with one of the best quarterbacks in the league. If they can get healthy and remain healthy they could probably win the division.

And now we come to the surprising Redskins. With rg3 at the helm and a good coaching staff, this team has an excellent chance to battle for the division title.

Now lets have a look at the N.F.C. south, starting with the very disappointing Saints. Their off the field problems have probably cost them a serious run at the playoffs although you shouldn’t count them completely out. I think realistically they need to set their sights on next season.

Looking over to Carolina; if they make a few minor adjustments this team might be an excellent playoff contender. However, they definitely need outside help and perhaps a top trade or draft. In all likelihood this is not their year; at least on paper.

And then there’s Tampa Bay: This is a team nobody wants to play right now as they have shown all season that they can be a serious thorn in the side of the opposing team. However, this is not going to be their year either. The team that will wins this division is based in Atlanta, that’s right, the Falcons will win this division and win it easily, and will more likely secure a first round bye. Only a barrage of injuries will prevent them from dominating teams this season.

Now we head north to the surprising Vikings. So far, this team seems like it has a legitimate shot. We should know more about them after they play their division rivals; Bears and Packers. The Lions need to find last year’s offense if they want any kind of shot at another playoff run.

That brings us to the two big dogs in the north; the Packers and the Chicago Bears. Since Cutler took over at quarterback for Chicago, the Bears have struggled against the Packers. But when it comes to elite teams in the N.F.C., these two fit the bill. After the way Chicago handled Dallas on Monday night, I think Green Bay is gonna have a hard time with Chicago, especially if they’re able to maintain a high octane offense and stifling defense.

Heading west, last year this was arguably the weakest division in the entire N.F.L. But this year, I believe all four teams have a shot at making a strong run for the playoffs. Starting with Seattle: the Seahawks have a pretty strong defense and running game. If they can start making big plays through the air, they will be tough to beat.

Arizona already looks like a contender. They just need to keep winning, even when they start playing tougher teams.

The Rams are a little up and down right now, but they have a lot of the right tools. But the strongest team in the west is San Francisco. This team is the scariest team in the N.F.L. right now. Their defense is relentless; they have an all pro running back in Frank Gore, and Alex Smith has a plethora of offensive weapons to throw the ball to. If this team stays healthy, they will be playing in the N.F.C. Championship against either Chicago or Green Bay.

Sorry Atlanta maybe next year. Of course I could be wrong… but I doubt it.

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