Wireless phones are an addiction

No One’s That Important

By James Turnage:


Before I get into this, I must apologize ahead of time. This is a personal issue. This is about something that irritates me greatly. It’s about an invention that is probably in the top five of all inventions in our history, and yet it is the most abused device of all time, on par with the automobile. Any guesses? Time’s up, the answer is your wireless phone, previously called “cell phone”.

The beauty of wireless phones is lost on those who abuse it most. When I was much younger, there were many situations that required me to sit at home waiting for a telephone call. If I needed to contact my doctor, I often waited hours for a return call. If I was having car repairs, I waited for the call that would tell me they were finished. If I had to call a friend or relative to give or get certain information and they were not at home, I had to keep trying their home phone until they answered. You get the picture, even if you’re too young to remember “waiting by the phone”.

Everywhere I go half the people I see are on the phone, or worse yet “texting”. I was at my gym this morning. My old gym prohibited cell phone use in the workout area. This was a respectful practice targeting the young women. All phones have cameras today, and protecting the ladies’ privacy was recognized as important. The gym I attend now has no restrictions. All too often a piece of equipment I want to use is occupied. It’s not being used. An inconsiderate man or woman is sitting on it, texting.

I consider my gym time a singular and valuable part of my day. I listen to an MP-3 player so I don’t have to listen to anyone or anything but my own thoughts.

Wireless phones are an addiction. I hear others say, “I need to take this call”, even at dinner. No one’s that important. Phone calls can wait while we eat, see a movie, or attend a sporting event. The most ridiculous sight I have ever seen was at the mall. Three teenage girls were shopping together. Each of them was on a phone talking to someone else.

Nevada finally found the courage last year to pass a law forbidding using a handheld phone while driving. A wireless headset is allowed. Texting while driving is against the law, and carries a stiff fine. It isn’t working. I continue to see drivers unable to maintain their speed, and stay in their own lane. And, when I get near them, I see they are holding a phone in one hand. Sadly I still see texting as well, even though highway patrols across the nation have informed the public that texting while driving is more dangerous than driving while intoxicated.

Personally, I would prefer to see the use of wireless phones go the way of the cigarette. They should be banned in all public places, restaurants, and movie theaters. I’m pretty sure there would be massive withdrawal syndrome, or some other mental disease caused by such an outrageous act.

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