Benghazi: When did Obama administration know about embassy terrorist attack on 9-11-2012

“Awaiting an INvestigation”

Name: Robert Darmody
Email: [email protected]

The best, most authoritative source for answers to what was known by the
President, on 9-11-2012, when he knew it and what actions he took, approved
or thwarted, is Barack Hussein Obama.

The FBI cannot tell the President what he knew and when. An investigation
cannot explain to the Commander in Chief what he did or didn’t do and why.
Answers to questions about what our officials knew and ordered before,
during and after the massacre have been known by the people who made
decisions and issued orders. Those answers are not to be found on the ground
in Libya. Clamming up on the flimsy excuse that an investigation at the
flash point must first take place makes no sense because actions ordered or
thwarted by the White House, Department of State, Department of Defense and
CIA didn’t happen in Libya but in strategic locations like Washington!

We now know the Administration knew the source of the attack on the day it
occurred. After all, they spent preceding weeks laying out a red carpet and
welcome sign by ignoring warnings and refusing requests for increased
security. Is that the fault of terrorists?

If President Obama wants to keep his latest empty promise to find out “who
is responsible and bring them to justice”, responsibility cuts two ways.
He should order an investigation to learn which White House and Defense
Department officials were in attendance in the ‘situation room’ watching
real time images of the attack. He could also look into who decided to deny
requests for more security over a period of months, to weeks, to hours from
and during the attack. Our President ought to get to the bottom of why a
general and an admiral, both of whom wanted to act to save Americans under
fire no longer have their commands. Find out who issued any and all ‘stand
down’ orders and when! These actions reasonably account for the success of
the massacre. American assets were within reasonable proximity to aid those
who were trapped, fending off an attack for seven hours. An investigation in
Libya cannot possibly turn up answers for what was decided thousands of
miles away!

A few in the press, very few, have posed legitimate, answerable questions to
President Obama and his immediate subordinates about their own activities
only to be met with a stone wall of delay. Follow-up investigations of
details about perpetrators of the attack cannot provide answers to those
questions. Terrorism credits are also due those whose actions or lack
thereof enabled the attack to continue officially unchallenged by American
military assets for seven hours. The American people already know what
happened albeit not for as long as the responsible officials, because of a
barrage of lies that lasted for weeks!

Terrorists are, without a doubt, responsible for the attack and ought to be
brought to justice for their part if it is possible. Their achievement,
however, appears not to have been unilateral. A pile of evidence grows
daily, revealing a high probability that the Executive Branch of our
government was responsible for guaranteeing the operation’s success.
Whether intended or not, facilitating is complicity! To discover what degree
volition might have played a role in this event, accountability must be
demanded; answers will come forth with or without cooperation. We the People
delegated limited executive authority to Barack Obama four years ago. For
the Obama Administration to cavalierly delay furnishing answers that are not
subject to change by an investigation (excepting a sudden case of mass
amnesia), is insubordinate. The President of the United States is not a
dictator; at least not yet. He or she is accountable to the citizenry, not
the other way around; as in a dictatorship! How an act of war succeeded in
the deaths of an ambassador, diplomat and two military men who defied orders
in an attempted a rescue, with all that was known ahead of time, points to
probable dereliction of duty on several levels. With continued arrogant
dismissals and obfuscations, suspicion of ‘high crimes broadens. Feigned
‘offense’ by the President and others that evil could be suspected in
light of the evidence is as phony as it gets. It has a stench about it that
hails back as far as the Dreyfus Affair.

Mum is what The People get; what families of casualties get; with the
assistance of a dominant press that is either severely brain-washed or brain
dead. What else but implication could explain the barrage of lies and
back-tracking on lies over the last two months? If suspicions are in error;
if not supported by evidence; those who are in the best position to clear up
confusion would be utterly silent decision makers themselves. The American
public would be greatly relieved to know that these facts have rational
explanations. At root, it isn’t a partisan issue. Imperious conduct by our
public servants, however, is alarming to anyone who has studied history and
lived through a good portion of it; whether they wish to admit it or not.
Truth, as has been shown by other historic scandals, will come out over

Questions for the American electorate at this critical point, immediately
preceding a Presidential Election should be:

How much time can be afforded waiting for answers from mute, haughty
officials? How much time can the next administration afford to lose to the
distraction of probable impeachment proceedings? At this very perilous time
in our history a continued Obama Administration is certain to be weighed
down by even more Congressional polarization and gridlock. Benghazi is not
going away. Most citizens, not just Republicans, will insist, through
representatives, on fulfillment of a Presidential promise to see that all
parties responsible for this massacre are ‘brought to justice’.

Executive Branch officials and their lackeys in the press can be expected
to, in usual fashion, try shifting blame for new gridlock on Republicans
seeking justice instead of offering ‘bi-partisan cooperation’ with those
attempting to escape it.

The infamy of certain historic events caused heartfelt slogans that have
stayed with us for generations like: “Remember the Alamo!” “Remember
Pearl Harbor!” “Remember 911!”

Those four people forsaken, for whatever reason, at Benghazi and of the many
others in harms way on behalf of “We the People” show the ultimate in
loyalty and courage. The simple resolve not to forget is the least we can do
in return.

“Remember Benghazi!”

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