Has the major media been running interference for the Obama Administration?

The Loyal Press “Stands Down”

Written By: Robert Darmody
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Two former Navy Seals sacrificed their lives in a show of deeper loyalty to their Nation and sworn duty than to corrupt politicians and superiors commanding them to “stand down.”

Parents of those young men have made remarks and related experiences of treatment by the President, Vice President and Secretary of State and are being ignored by the dominant press.

The Fourth Estate Has Left the Building

Extremely moving remarks and interviews are being ignored by major media in favor of running interference for the Obama Administration. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and major print media loyalty to the Obama Administration supersedes their traditional duty as the Fourth Estate; loyal to the truth as watchdogs for ‘The People’ and loyalty to this Nation. Furthermore, these corrupt minions of the Left assist in heaping abuse and character assassination on anyone, including colleagues, who dares to embarrass them with revelations of the truth; especially when corroborating evidence and testimony support reports.

Watergate Was a Benign Scandal

Watergate was a walk in the park compared to the incompetence and blatant cover-up that is taking place in the current administration. Nobody died at the Watergate break-in. It involved only a handful of minions of a presidential candidate. The press reported all of it and it brought down a Presidency. We now have news media doing the opposite to save a presidency.

The embarrassing tragedy of Benghazi happened because of accidental or intended failure and subsequent conspiracy to cover it up by the incumbent Executive Branch, our erstwhile loyal Press and the CIA!

Timing of Benghazi couldn’t have been worse for the Administration. I suspect that in turn, the President will resort to timing in a desperate attempt to mitigate daily accruing damage from this scandal. He’s refusing to answer all questions right now. When it becomes clear that ignoring the issue will seriously jeopardize the election, expect Democrats to acquiesce and schedule an eleventh hour Presidential address to the Nation just before voters go to the polls. In this way, carefully crafted lies can be delivered in a grand, eloquent manner from a teleprompter when it is too late for fact checking to change the vote.

Power Lust Knows No Bounds

Addiction to power is non-partisan. This was understood by those who wrote the Constitution. Impending International treaties, Congressional Legislation such as NDAA and Presidential fiats are severely compromising Bill of Rights protections. The Press stands down for the administration in reporting and questioning these threats as well.

Families of the slain Diplomats and Navy Seals now know that courageous loved ones who did their sworn duty were abandoned because superiors violated their own oaths; that the State Department, Pentagon and CIA were fully aware in real time of what took place; that three desperate requests for help were denied while Washington watched images from drones in real time, ordering two Navy Seals to violate sworn duty and “stand down.”

When the bodies of Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and the ambassador and diplomat they died trying to rescue arrived home, Mr. Charles Woods, Tyrone’s father was assured by our Secretary of State that a producer of a rag tag video in Los Angeles would be “arrested and prosecuted.”

The Big Benghazi Lie unravels by the day in spite of a fawning, slavish press.

At least we can take comfort from knowing two things.

That on Election Day this corrupt administration might be renewed for another four years and that a dangerous threat to National Security, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is safely behind bars.
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