Houston Texans traveling to Detroit to play the Lions and Washington Redskins at the Dallas Cowboys

It’s All About Football

by James Turnage:

Thanksgiving is a wonderful celebration. Its true meaning is an important American tradition. We all have more to give thanks for than we may realize. But, for me, like many others, the important events of the day are the football games.

All three games offered some promise today, which is unusual. The morning game featured the Houston Texans traveling to Detroit to play the Lions. It was a very entertaining game. The Texans played an overtime game last Sunday which basically was five quarters long. They were to play almost five quarters again today. Although they must have been exhausted, they somehow managed to win with a field goal. I still believe that the Texans are the best team in football.

The game I thought would be the most interesting was the second game between the Washington Redskins at the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas has been playing well, and the weakest division in football, the NFC East was up for the taking. In the second quarter Robert Griffin the third, quarterback for the Redskins, took over the game and were leading the Cowboys at halftime 28-6.

The Cowboys have as much, and in some cases more, talent as any team in football. What they don’t have is football intelligence. It begins with their coach Jason Garrett, and is demonstrated on field by their quarterback Tony Romo. Their clock management is atrocious, and has cost them games. Romo’s inability to distinguish his team’s uniforms from the opposing team’s has cost them far too many scoring opportunities. He appears unable to focus on the task at hand, relying on instinct and physical ability instead.

Meanwhile, RG III was looking like the league’s MVP. His decision making and passing accuracy are amazing ignoring his inexperience. He plays the game like a veteran. I have never before witnessed a rookie with the professional football savy this young man possesses. (He and Andrew Luck are a new breed).

Romo had a good fourth quarter, throwing a couple of excellent touchdown passes, but it is probably too late. When Washington’s field goal kicker made it a ten point game, it appeared hopeless for the Cowboys. And it was. Their season is most likely over, and their coach and quarterback will probably be looking for work next year. McDonalds is always hiring.

If I thought the Cowboys were bad, the last game of the night proved they were Superbowl contenders compared to the New York Jets. I would say that between Rex Ryan and Romeo Crennel there is a tie as to who is the worst coach in football. Ryan may win the award because of his big mouth. In the first half, every mistake that could be made was made against the superior New England Patriots. It was like watching a pro team playing a third level high school team. The game was 35-0, I channel surfed to find something more entertaining, maybe bass fishing.

Once again the Thanksgiving feast was better than the football games. I thank the turkey for making me drowsy enough to fall asleep and not endure the second half. I’ll find out the final score tomorrow. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Patriots won 72-0.

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