Ice Cube goes political with new single

By Kelly J Newson

A Los Angeles native and founding member of one of Hip Hop’s greatest groups, N.W.A. Ice Cube stands tall as a hip hop legend who’s talent and originality has yet to cease. Ice Cube has yet to fail his fans with his music. With such masterpieces such as; “Amerikkka’s Most wanted,” “Lethal Injection,” “Death Certificate,” “I Am the West.” “The Predator,” “Raw Footage,” “War and Peace:Vol 1 & 2,” and “Laugh Now,Cry Later,” it is safe to safe that Ice Cube is a legend and true veteran in the Hip Hop industry.

Yet is overlooked because his lyrics too real and he don’t rap about the same recycled topics as these new, upcoming rappers and some of whom are “veterans.” Ice Cube is in a whole another category when it comes to lyrical flow and originality to make it simple Ice Cube keeps it real.

Ice Cube is the last of a dying breed the closest we have to a talent like Cube is NAS or Kendrick Lamar. Whereas other rappers of his time are still rapping but not to mass crowds like once before. All because record labels demand that rappers sell their souls and sell out to make millions just creating meaningless music that is hot today and gone tomorrow but that isn’t Ice Cube. He has a career of nine albums that even today fans can still blast through their speakers tirelessly because what he rapped about then is still relevant today.

Artists today don’t have that consistency or will to create masterpieces but to create something that is hot at the moment and will make them millions. They never think about “will my music be just as hot tomorrow as it is today?” Today’s rappers can take a page from Ice Cube’s playbook and not give in to the demands of these record labels but create full albums that even after ten years of its release fans still want to listen.

Something Ice Cube is doing and has done and that’s by never holding his tongue but always telling it like it is, just spitting the realest lyrics that his fans can relate to and that’s a consistency to be original. Something his true fans and hip hop heads love/appreciate about Cube and his music because you get the real Ice Cube with every project he releases.

Now as Ice Cube prepares to release his tenth album “Everythang’s Corrupt” (January 2013) he recently released the visuals for his first single of the same name and it’s only fitting that it is released during this election season.

“Everythang’s Corrupt” – Ice Cube

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